Month: December 2016

EOS Reinventing The Lip Balm Experience

Elizabeth Segran, in an exclusive interview with EOS founders, takes us through the incredible journey of the company. Having started up small, in a concentrated industry, the leaders knew exactly how to reach the top. One of the steps was a through market research. The leaders at EOS did not want to produce a product […]

An Intro to IAP Worldwide Services

One of the leading facilities management and logistics companies is IAP Worldwide Services. This company has been in business for three decades and has spent much of its time serving the United States government and the military. Over the years, IAP Worldwide Services has firmly established itself as a leading company that helps the government […]

Lip Balm Can Change The World

When visiting any health and beauty department, customers can find a variety of lip balm options. Many choose based on a long standing preference. The problem was that many of the products were quite the same, from packaging to ingredients, and even flavor or scent options. Suddenly EOS lip balms entered the scene, quickly upended […]

Nathaniel Ru And Health Benefits

People need health in order to function. Unfortunately, fast food is actually resulting in a lot of health problems that come from a lack of nutrients. For one thing, people are experiencing impaired function due either to a lack of nutrients, or some insufficiency in their diet. Therefore, it is important for people to watch […]