FreedomPop Has Fantastic Services That Require No Contract

Fortunately, things have changed so much with cell phone companies that it’s no longer necessary to get approved before a customer can get cell phone service. If things were the same as they were 10 years ago, many people couldn’t possibly own a cell phone, much more have cell phone service, even if it was on a cheap phone. Cell phones have become so affordable that most people will own a smartphone, and some people own several smartphones. FreedomPop is a company that believes in helping anyone to obtain cell phone service, which is why they offer free cell phone service to their customers. Learn more from this review

Instead of having to go through several hoops, such as having a credit check, signing a contract and paying high fees to get cell phone service, a FreedomPop customer only needs to sign up for the service online with their email as well as paying for their monthly service fee. Since the monthly fee for the service is low in cost, many have no problem paying for the FreedomPop cell phone service. Those who get the free cell phone service won’t have a monthly bill, especially if they don’t automatically top up their data once it’s nearing its depletion.

Anyone who doesn’t want the free phone service can get the paid service, which costs around $10 and is a great deal with some extras. Anyone looking for unlimited service from FreedomPop can get it for the low cost of only $19.99, and other unlimited plans are available with additional 4G LTE data for only five dollars more for each additional gigabyte. Everyone who has the unlimited service will also be able to enjoy constant and unlimited 3G data, whether they have a CDMA phone or a GSM phone.

FreedomPop proudly offers GSM phone users the ability to come over to their service, and the GSM service is now provided by AT&T and T-Mobile through the use of their towers. FreedomPop can still offer the same low prices to a GSM phone user that must use a sim card in their phone as a CDMA phone user that uses a Sprint phone. FreedomPop also allows its users to bring their own cell phone, which is something that many people appreciate, especially if they don’t want to pay additional monies to buy a new phone when they join FreedomPop. Those looking for a service change should choose the FreedomPop company.