Town Residential Dreams Big

Manhattan is known for its trendy and posh real estate market. The now famous Meatpacking district is no different, housing high end boutiques and modern luxurious apartments. Town Residential can now be counted among those taste making tenants, after they opened a new office in the fashionable neighborhood. This is the luxury real estate companies tenth office location in three years.


The new office, located on west 14th street near a main entrance to the popular High Line park, is 7,100 square feet with high ceilings and a 15 year lease. Town Residential, founded six years ago by Andrew Heiberger, hopes the new location will draw a new, high spending customer base. Heiberger has been proven to have his thumb on the pulse of contemporary real estate clientele. The modern design and the popular location should set them apart and help them appeal to brokers in the area. The building is managed by Town Residential’s parent investor, Thor Equities.


The company focuses equally on sales, new developments, and rentals, and caters to a variety of upscale clients. Their expertise in the cities diverse neighborhoods has pushed them to the forefront of young real estate businesses, and their professional intuition and acumen are poised to keep them on top. They claim customer service and satisfaction as their number one priorities, and use that to maintain their expanding clientele. It’s been named one of the Top 50 Places to Work in New York City by Crain. Their primary concentration is residential properties, which tend to be on the higher end of a pricey New York real estate market. They are staffed by a professional team of high achievers and industry leaders, who lend expertise and class to the lauded office.


The Meatpacking office is poised to lead the industry in Manhattan luxury residences, in an increasingly posh neighborhood with high visibility. The rent of their new space has been kept confidential, but prices in the area tend to surpass $90 per square foot, as property in the area grows in desirability. With the aid from Thor, Town Residential, while still a young company, is poised to remain a premier agency for several years to come.