Month: November 2016

What’s In Your Water?

What is in your drinking water? Is it natural alkaline or artificial? Does it add additional electrolytes and ionizers, or is it naturally fortified with additional nutrients and natural electrolytes? Aqua Grade has it that Waiakea water flows through a natural occurring unique filtration system through the Mauna Loa volcano giving it additional benefits compared […]

Millennials Vote for EOS

The lip balm industry is an extremely over saturated and competitive industry. Observers often label startups that enter the industry as crazy and doomed to fail. This was not the case for EOS lip balm. Chapstick had long ruled the industry and left consumers with only a handful of generic flavors to try. This was […]

Steve Murray Passes on

Stephen Murray, popularly known as Steve was born on August 2, in the year 1962. He was a private equity investor and also a well- known philanthropist. He died last year at the age of 52. At the time of his death, Steve Murray was the president of CCMP Capital, a private organization that specializes […]

Town Residential Dreams Big

Manhattan is known for its trendy and posh real estate market. The now famous Meatpacking district is no different, housing high end boutiques and modern luxurious apartments. Town Residential can now be counted among those taste making tenants, after they opened a new office in the fashionable neighborhood. This is the luxury real estate companies […]

The Best in LED Lighting

Perhaps, you are thinking about updating your home or creating a different type of ambiance in the home. Well, LED lighting is very trendy and the perfect way to create a warm and welcoming atmosphere in every room in the house. Gooee LED Lighting will supply you with the highest quality LED lighting that is […]