London’s Livery Companies Receives Amazing Welcome At UK Vintners Hall

Recently, UK Vintners Hall welcomed more than 100 members of The City of London’s Livery Companies. According to the article we read, the event was to showcase the Hall’s grandeur, service, as well as catering skills.

The event brought together many members of the Livery Companies, including clerks and wardens. A range of high end food was offered at the event, and this was courtesy of Searcy’s, who provided UK Vintners Hall with event management services and catering.

Kim Lyons, an Assistant Clerk of the Worshipful Company of Distillers, said they held the event at UK Vintners Hall for a number of reasons, which included flexibility and quality. Another person, Julie Fox, a Clerk to the Worshipful Company of Management Consultants, said that the UK Vintners Hall is a great place to hold an event.

About Vintners In The UK

UK Vintners are wine providers and makers of wine. They maintain strong relationships with the UK wine trade and often hold venues within their halls. These venues include charity events, educational interests, trade and social events.

Some Vintners in the UK have old sites, such as Vintners Hall, which was burnt down during the Great Fire of London, but then it was rebuilt and a meeting was held in the new building in 1671. Many Vintners sites are old, while others are have a more modern look to them.

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If anybody is interested in holding an event and they want to make it memorable, then they should consider having it at a Vintners Hall.