How Entrepreneurship changed the Life of a Washington Trio

Nowadays, it is somehow normal to find graduates snubbing their careers to follow dreams that are unrelated to their academic backgrounds. For instance, it has become increasingly common for young graduates to opt out of employment to pursue different business ventures. This phenomenon is further propelled by the need for independence among the youths of today. Most youths want to run their businesses and work on their terms.


Most youths envy their older counterparts who are in business. They envy the financial and time freedom that business owners enjoy. For some, the desire to pursue entrepreneurship is influenced by their parents. This was the case in Nathaniel Ru, Nicolas Jammet, and Jonathan Neman, Sweetgreen’s founders.


The three young graduates came from families that were rooted deeply in businesses. It was their background that influenced their decision to start a business rather than seek employment. Their journey was not easy at the start since they did not have capital. Subsequently, they relied on friends and family for contributions that they used to set up Sweetgreen’s initial operations.


After setting up the business, the former college mates were able to lay a strong groundwork for the business enabling it to keep growing. As a result, they can now boast of more than thirty locations and is on track to hit over 40 restaurants before the end of 2016.


Their success came from relentless pushing hard and implementing their business plan, which they stuck to for over three years. The plan helped them in convincing investors to get on board and help them with expansions.


The company has also received funding from investors and venture capitalists totaling $9 million. The money is expected to be invested in expansion and upgrades to enable them to offer better services to their customers. Their original plan is still very useful as they use it for guidance and convincing investors to invest in the business.


During an interview with Bloomberg, Nicolas Jammet, who serves as the co-CEO, said that they had not changed their pitch despite their firm’s remarkable growth. They have only added to it. Their business is about selling a set of values to the people and inspiring them to live a sustainable, healthy life.


Sweetgreen’s CEO, Nathaniel Ru, said that these values are reflected in the way they run their company, the way they handle their employees, and the farms that grow their supplies.