Mike Baur Empowers Innovation through Swiss Start up Factory

Mike Baur was born and raised in a Switzerland region called Fribourg. He developed a passion for the specialty of Finance and Banking at a young age. He is academically well established with an MBA from the New York-based University of Rochester and an executive MBA from the esteemed University of Bern.


Career Journey


Baur obtained an entry-level position at Clariden Leu after completing his higher education. He relinquished his position at Clariden Leu and became an employee of Sallfort in charge of investments for affluent Swiss and foreign customers. Baur spent about 20 years in Swiss Private Banking and ascended from a commercial apprentice to a senior board member of the entire Swiss Private Banking. During his tenure as a banker, he developed an extensive list of prominent clients and comprehensive knowledge about the international market.


Swiss Start up Factory


In 2014, Baur began his entrepreneurial journey by co-founding Swiss Start up Factory, a renowned privately funded ICT Startup Accelerator headquartered in Switzerland. The firm offers valuable help to businesses across Switzerland. It runs a Startup Accelerator Program that provides an exceptional platform for services, coaching, mentoring, extensive business network, and an office space centrally positioned in Zurich.


Zurich and Geneva Accelerators join forces


Swiss Start up Factory has announced a partnership with Fintech Accelerator Fusion that is headquartered in Geneva. The two accelerators will team up on the startup pre-selection process, cooperation with universities, joint events, mentor network exchange, and Coworking spaces for startups. The accelerators are complimentary to one another in their set up as well as goal orientations. They both assist startups to come up with innovative ideas and put them into actions. The collaboration will focus more on Fintech, but other ICT issues will be incorporated.


About the accelerator program


Baur gives ambitious young entrepreneurs office space, mentoring, networking contact, and enough training for a short period. During the three-month program, the entrepreneurs have access to Wi-Fi, storage space, in-house film studio, conference room, and intense courses on the subjects of business administration and finance. Students who complete the program successfully are in a better position to start profitable businesses in the local and the international market.


Making a difference


Mike Baur discovered that many ambitious entrepreneurs failed to pursue their dreams since they did not know where to start. He created Swiss Start up Factory on a strong foundation of market research, commitment to helping people, business knowledge, and creativity. His main goal is to help new entrepreneurs succeed in the competitive business world.