Thor Halvorssen The Liberator

Thor Halvorssen- the name emits a powerful aura akin to the god- yet he doesn’t have to be a god to powerfully fight for the human rights he believes in. His fight is modern, in the form of an organization in which he reigns president of, Human Rights Foundation (HRF); but human rights have been a source of conflict for centuries and centuries. They are an age old battle; a battle in which his father, his mother, and his grandfather have fought and sacrificed for.

They have fought and still fight for individual liberty and now, so does he. Thor, like his family, has been physically beaten in the name of his cause; freedom and liberty for all. He disputes against any authoritarian who oppresses, especially criticizing left-wing Latin American dictatorships; but Thor claims he is not politically affiliated. He opposes any dictatorships; left-wing, right-wing, down-wing, up-wing… You get the point.

He and his staff of 11 travel the world exhuming otherwise globally unknown dictatorships and relinquishing a voice to political prisoners and dissidents.

Thor Halvorssen is president and founder of the New York based HRF. He was born half-Norwegian and half-Venezuelan to his father, a diplomat and mother, a child psychologist. He began his political career in 1989 as an advocate for human rights in London, battling the South African Apartheid and from there launched a career that lead him to become founder of the Olso Freedom Forum, patron of the Prague-based children’s peace movement On Own Feet and most widely known, a film producer.

According to The Weekly Standard, his father was a political prisoner in Venezuela in 1993 and only released after human rights organizations battled for his release. His mother was shot by Venezuelan police during a peaceful public gathering. And finally, his first cousin became a political prisoner in 2014. Suffice to say the list of atrocities against his family has propelled him to become who he is today, who his parents showed him to be; a fighter for those that would be oppressed.

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