Month: June 2016

Mike Baur Supports New Start-Ups

Mike Baur has more than 20 years of experience in private banking, and has turned his attention to business acceleration. He is a founding partner of the Swiss Start-Up Factory, which runs a three month long accelerator program. This program tries to teach new digital entrepreneurs the entrepreneurship mentality that is necessary for success through […]

Beneful: Good For Your Dog!

If you’ve watched some Youtube videos, you’ve certainly seen your fair share of commercials for Purina’s own Beneful. While the most common type of dog food one sees advertised in Beneful’s dry dog food, there are a variety of products that the company offers in addition to their renowned dry dog food! Let’s take a […]

Thor Halvorssen The Liberator

Thor Halvorssen- the name emits a powerful aura akin to the god- yet he doesn’t have to be a god to powerfully fight for the human rights he believes in. His fight is modern, in the form of an organization in which he reigns president of, Human Rights Foundation (HRF); but human rights have been […]