National Humor Month Means Showing Your Funny Side On Skout

How often do you laugh? It appears that laughter is a great way to share your approval and your goofy side with other people. We like laughing together. It is an activity that brings people closer, and it can brighten the lives of everyone involved in the story, event or conversation. Laughter is also a good thing to make you have a healthier life and outlook on life. People who laugh often are generally healthier and happier. It helps you to laugh because you are reducing the stress in your life. Laughter is contagious also, so you will likely make the other people around you feel more at ease, and they might even join in on the laughter.

Skout conducted some surveys with their platform in order to show how powerful laughter can be in making new friends. The information from their surveys was published on PR Newswire, which has their headquarters in San Fransisco. The publication has also reported on a number of other successful celebrations that Skout has engaged in over the past few months. Skout has been involved in interesting holidays like International Random Acts Of Kindness Week and National Potato Chip Day, both of which benefited their online community and their local community. Skout actually helped feed hungry people at their local food banks by celebrating these holidays.

National Humor Month

For this month’s celebration Skout decided to poll their users on what they found to be humorous and their opinions on humor. They decided to share the results with PR Newswire and the Skout community. The findings connote that it is beneficial in making new relationships to show yourself laughing in your profile picture on their platform. The laughing picture must help show others that you are relateable and easy going.

In a comment from the CEO and co-found of Skout, Chirstian Wiklund, it is revealed just how powerful laughter can be to making new friends on their platfrom. He says, “They say laughter is the best medicine, and now we know it can also help you meet more friends through social media.” If this is true, then we should all laugh more, and we should show our humorous side to our new friends on Skout. Skout is a fun, new way to meet people online without even leaving your home. Here’s the original article from PR Newswire about Skout’s survey on humor.

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