Slyce Inc is looking towards 2016, as 2015 was a successful year

The company Slyce Inc, recently released their annual report to the shareholders and public for the end of 2015. Their financial year ended on the 31st of October 2015 and so the report features a run down of all business highlights as well as an in depth financial update and technical highlights. Found on Yahoo Finance.

In the month of August there were several partnerships that were formed by Slyce Inc with companies that were willing to test their visual search platform, utilizing it within their product line in order to make it more convenient for consumers to search and purchase products through their website. One of these companies was Neiman Marcus which adopted their technology on the 26th of August 2015. Neiman Marcus had a specific feature within their app named “Snap. Find. Shop” which as the name mentions allows the customer to snap a picture of an item, search for that item amongst their existing product line and then once it was found allow the customer to purchase that item. Neiman Marcus already has a top rated NM app and with the added Slyce Technology. The unique feature with this app is that the pictures can be taken in 3 dimensional format and then search for that product across a plethora of categories. These categories include men’s fashion, pet accessories, children’s items, home furnishings, jewellery, handbags, shoes and women’s apparel. This shows the versatility of the Slyce Visual Search platform as images can now be taken in 3D format so that the technology can more specifically narrow down the search result. Having data available from all angles allows the visual search platform to more specifically identify the product being captured or snapped.

Neiman Marcus has a very large following of loyal customers and this platform will allow them to improve their sales numbers as the app makes shopping a futuristic experience. The customer does not have know what the item is called rather they can simply capture and search directly from the mobile phone.