The partnership between OSI Group and McDonalds

OSI Group is the biggest food company in the world today. It is also one of the companies that have over the years continued to improve their operations. If you look keenly how their company has been operating, you will notice that it is a company that has been on the rise, trying to fix every part of the food industry. It is currently supplying food products to 17 countries where it has also built 65 production plants to facilitate effective business operations. This company has done a great job over the past few decades. It has spread its wings to many locations, and it is giving the people a taste of high-quality foods. Learn more at

OSI Group was a small meat business, by the past mid-century. Then one thing happened, and it changed the story. The McDonalds opened its first restaurant in Illinois and hired Otto &Sons as a supplier. It is good to note that before we had OSI Group, there was Otto & Sons, a family business that was responsible for the first deal that started the rapid growth of the meat business. The two sons of the founder, Otto Kolschowsky were good friends with the managing director of the McDonalds as it opened the first restaurant ad that is how they managed to get the first deal. The partnership has lasted ever since even when McDonald’s wanted to shrink their suppliers and decided to work with only four, OSI Group was among the four.

OSI Group McDonalds is a deal that bought the needed breakthrough. OSI Group McDonalds is a deal that placed the food industry in a better position to grow. OSI built its first food production facility in Chicago that was meant for McDonald’s products only. OSI Group McDonalds deal has continued to inspire other businesses to grow.

OSI Group McDonalds deal marked the start of a journey that would lead to the development of these two companies as some of the largest businesses in the country. OSI has changed the story about the food business, and we have a generation that believes that processed foods are safe for human consumption. See:



Jacob Gottlieb is back in investment with Altium Capital

Jacob Gottlieb was the founder of Visium Asset Management, one of the most successful healthcare investment firms in the past one decade. He had created this company in 2005 with only $300 million, and at the time of its collapse, it was worth over $8 billion in assets. The growth of this company was so huge that in three years it had double its assets. The company, however, came to sudden death after some of the top hedge fund managers were indicted for conspiracy and inside trading. In the scandal that followed this expose, Visium Asset Management collapsed after investor withdrew their capital from the firm in one night. The financial situation became so bad that it could no longer stand. Jacob Gottlieb who was the CEO of the firm was left untainted by the scandal that caught some of his employees. In the past couple of years, Jacob Gottlieb has maintained a low professional profile as he wound up the operations of the other company.

Jacob Gottlieb is one of the most brilliant personalities in the healthcare investment industry. He is also one of the people who is trying as much as possible to make a difference in the industry through investment. After winding up Visium, Jacob Gottlieb is back in the investment sector. This time, he has made efforts to come back with a company that will avoid the mistakes of the other one. He has created Altium Capital. This is the new vehicle that he will use to invest and make money on behave of investors. His experience and reputation are enormous.

Jacob Gottlieb is a trained professional in the healthcare sector. He has a degree in medicine and another in economics. Through the experience, he has gained in the industry, and the skills he has in the healthcare and business sectors, he is the best fit for an investor to work with.

JHSF’s Strides to the Top

JHSF’s Strides to the Top

JHSF Company is a Brazilian real estate developer that was started in the year 1972. After its establishment, the company has grown to be the leader of the Brazilian high-end real estate sector that has completed numerous projects such as the modern residential and commercial buildings in Brazil. The company is also associated with the development and administration of shopping centers, high-end hotels, and an international business airport. JHSF Group has been able to grow at an alarming rate because of its ability to identify new opportunities in the market in any location it operates in. The company is also known of its unique characteristics like pioneering, innovation, daring, quality, and also its ability to come up with useful solutions to challenges that might come up wherever they are going on with a project.

The company has also been able to grow at a faster rate because of its belief in fresh and youthful ideas. Unlike other companies that believe that young people lack enough experience and vision for their companies, JHSF believes in new and fresh ideas that would take their company to the next level. That is why they handed the leadership of the company to Jose Neto Auriemo at the age of 27. This made most of the company’s competitors to watch their progress for some time because they believed that this was a suicidal step. To the competitors’ disappointment, the strategy of embracing new and fresh ideas worked perfectly with the company. To know more about JHSF click here.

Under Jose Neto’s leadership, the company was able to participate in more high-end luxurious projects like the construction of shopping centers that brought a revolution to the Brazilian malls. The company has also entered the United States starting from its recent project in one of the most coveted blocks in New York City. JHSF is going to participate in the reconstruction of a historic building which is situated in of the world’s most envied streets. The street is mostly occupied by musicians and filmmakers among other celebrities in New York City. The completion of this building will give an opportunity for JHSF to build its name in the United States.

Randal Nardone And The Fortress Acquisition.

Unless you’ve been living under a rock as far as the business community is concerned, you’re aware that the Fortress investment group was acquired by a Japenese Telecom entity called Softbank. Randal Nardone is co-founder of Fortress so many people are concerned with his opinion on the matter. In 2018 we got to see it. Let’s take a look at Randal Nardone first though so we can better understand what qualifies him to run a company like Fortress in the first place.

Randal Nardone started off as a young adult in Connecticut working on dual undergraduate degrees in Biology and English. After his dual degree stint at UC, he attended the Boston University School of Law. He began law career at Thacher Proffitt & Wood and eventually became a partner of this firm. He eventually slid over into the finance realm with Blackrock Financial Management (as a principle.) After this, he was the managing director for UBS AG starting in 1997. As you can probably tell, running a successful asset management firm isn’t a far fetched idea for this guy’s journey so far. A journey that ends with him co-running the show from Fortress’ offices in New York City.

So how does Randal Nardone feel about the Softbank acquisition? Very positively it seems. Randal was not only optimistic about the overall deal, but the impact that it would have on growing his company. He feels that a Fortress under Softbank might be able to better leverage itself with a new host of credit offerings. Such a prospect is exciting indeed.

Fortress, in general, feels positive about the acquisition; after all, they were acquired at a premium. Shares trading under $6 were purchased by Softbank for $8.08. This shows a lot of good faith on Softbank’s end that the Fortress group will continue to grow prosper, just as Randal Nardone has suggested during his interviews. Randal’s Fortress group is now just a hair under $70 billion in assets after this acquisition has taken place. The effect does seem to be a positive one that will continue. That’s what Randal, and the rest of Fortress, have been hoping for.

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Jason Hope Hones In On Biotechnology As Next Big Sector.

Jason Hope has been making a big impact in the world of technology as an entrepreneur for years now. As the founder of JAWA, a mobile communications company, Jason Hope got to see firsthand what it took to create a business with his bare hands. Now, Hope is looking ahead to other projects as he prepares the world for one of the most fascinating industries to develop in the past several decades: the Internet of Things. Let’s learn about Hope and the Internet of Things in order to prepare ourselves for some of the most fascinating techno-advancements in recent history. Read more about Jason Hope at

Let’s first start by talking about the Internet of Things as a concept. The Internet of Things, according to Jason Hope, is one of the most innovative and exciting new sectors of the tech world. The Internet of Things refers to the way that we have grown technology into an integral part of our daily lives. Pushing that concept further, the Internet of Things refers to the way that our technology connects our lives to the internet. it seems strange to think, but even just 20 years ago you’d be hard pressed to find anyone considering the internet as anything more than just a hobby to utilize in your free time. Of course, we all know how much that mindset has changed. That, in essence, is the power that the Internet of Things possesses. How different will things be in another decade? Jason Hope is urging companies large and small to focus their efforts and energies on developing their own products for this exciting new tech sector.

Outside of the Internet of Things, you’ll find that Jason Hope is also an accomplished entrepreneur and futurist. A graduate from the WP Carey School of Business, Hope has managed to build a reputation for himself as a sharp-minded entrepreneur who is able to forecast trends as they come in order to get ahead of them on his own. Hope accurately predicted how big mobile technology would be and that was how he was able to get Jawa founded and operating at a profit so quickly. With Jawa, a success, Hope has the freedom to pursue other industries that fascinate him.

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Staying Informed and on the Cutting Edge with Newswatch Tv

Recently Andrew Tropeano of Newswatch did an interview with Natalie Van Wijkvliet, Chief Marketing Officer of Avanca, a tech company that develops accessories for mobile devices. In the interview, Natalie discussed how Newswatch helped Avanca market and promote the Ockel Sirius B, a portable personal computer small enough to fit in your pocket but with the same performance one would expect from a desktop computer. Natalie also discussed the Ockel Sirius A, which is similar to the Sirius B but also features an LCD touchscreen.

Owned and operated by Bridge Communications, Newswatch is a video production and communications company with Newswatch TV being their namesake television broadcast that covers various topics such as consumer and product news, entertainment, health, interviews with celebrities, technology and more. Newswatch airs on both the AMC network and the ION network, it is hosted by Anthony Tropeano and has segments done by correspondents Amanda Forstrom, Eric Forrest and Susan Bridges. Programming for Newswatch began in March of 1990, and has since broadcasted over 1,000 episodes.

The show began as a program that was mainly focused on economic and financial topics. From there Newswatch began to diversify to cover a wider range of subjects. The program seeks to inform its audience as well as provide a platform for clients to market their products or services. Newswatch gives SMT interviews, (on-location satellite media tour) VNR’s (video news releases) and also engages in non-profit awareness campaigns on the national level. The show airs in the morning hours on the AMC Network, as well as Ion Television and independent local stations.

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Plastic Surgeon With Passion: Dr. Sameer Jejurikar

Plastic surgeons are responsible for some of the most amazing forms of surgery to meet the eye. Being able to enhance the body’s beauty is just one of the many ways plastic surgeons are highly sought-after today. Dr. Sameer Jejurikar is one such plastic surgeon that is sought out for his surgical expertise and phenomenal ability to bring to life the desires of those who wants plastic surgery.

Dr. Sameer Jejurikar is affiliated with multiple hospitals around Dallas, Texas. As having more than 15 years in the medical field, he is widely known for his plastic surgery capabilities. Many patients have had great experiences with him and have left reviews about encounters with the doctor online. From having thoroughness of examination to his ability to answer questions, Doctor Sameer has a very positive rating across the board. He holds many certifications and licenses across various states that allow him to practice where his skills are needed.

Having taken his residency at the University of Michigan Hospitals and Health Centers, this is where he primarily home then his attention to detail while attending to patients. There is more to his capabilities than just plastic surgery as Dr. Sam Jejurikar has a hair restoration procedure that has assisted many individuals seeking to restore hair loss. Known as the minimally-invasive hair restoration, this procedure for hair transplants has less comfort while the procedure is taking place with the patient. With such a method this is what allows him to restore the hair permanently in the patient.

Doctors Sameer Jejurikar also has produced a line of products that deal with facial wrinkles, circles around the eyes, and poor skin flexibility. With his signature line of medical grade skin care products, Dr. Sam Jejurikar has given us another example of his dedication and passion in his field of expertise. These are just a few examples that set the doctor apart from the rest.

Talos Energy: Expanding Through Amalgamation And Acquisition

Oil exploration, drilling, and production all the way to manufacturing is a lucrative business worldwide. Crude oil has made some countries rich, especially the oil producing and exporting countries. Moreover, some of the organizations that provide and sell oil on behalf of this countries are large multinational entities that have sufficient funds to conduct high exploration activities while at the same continuing with the process of drilling and later refining oil to its constituent products.

Talos Energy is one of the private organizations that conduct oil exploration activities at the Gulf of Mexico and the near coastline regions. Most of the countries choose to allow private organizations to explore and drill oil after which they will share the fortune with the governments on an agreed ratio. Other oil exploration organizations in this region compete to locate oil blocks in this region as well.

However, Talos Energy, an organization that was found in 2012 has proved to be one of the most competitive strategic entities in this region. The company, which was started through an equity debt, has emerged to one of the most reliable organizations that have been expanded at a higher rate. Surprisingly, the organization has been developing and growing at a higher rate than even the companies that have been operating for a more extended period.

Acquisition of Whistler Energy

Acquisition of Whistler Energy is one of the most significant achievements that Talos Energy Company has been able to record within a short term. The company acquired this entity in the hopes that it would increase its oil production, which would further enhance its performance in the stock market. Whistler Energy is a high oil producing company, which shows that the organization is ready to enter into the premier league that hosts the largest oil companies in the world.

Merging with Stone Corporation

The second successful factor that has made the Talos Energy organization be one of the organizations with high reputation is merging with another critical oil exploration and production company. The best aspect is that Talos Energy seemed to be at the center of the merger process as its leaders later become the senior officials of the alliance.

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Neurocore: Leaders in Brain Rehabilitation

The brain is the central processing unit of the body, and we would not live without it. It is considered one of the vital organs of the human body, along with the heart. It provides instructions to the systems, and it helps manage them so that an individual could live a better life without any complications. It is important for someone to take care of their brain, and as the popularity of the EEG technology rises, many people have been taking up a test to find out if they have any problems with their brains. Scientists have been developing various techniques and strategies on how they can discover the disorder found inside the mind, and altogether, these people have shared their research works to develop a treatment that will help the patients recover.

Facilities which offer brain rehabilitation abound in the United States, and one of the leading clinics in the industry would be the Neurocore Brain Training Center. The facility has a lot of locations across the United States, and people have been visiting the site to have their brains scanned. People who have been working with the Neurocore Brain Training Center said that their services are world class, and they managed to learn a lot from the company because of their high-quality apparatus and equipment. Many brain disorders have been discovered as well, thanks to their state of the art technology that is advanced and developed by dedicated scientists who wanted to help a lot of people.

Those who wanted to avail of the services provided by the Neurocore Brain Training Center should start visiting their clinics. The facility offers treatment for a variety of brain disorders, with depression being the most common disorder. Patients will go under 30 sessions, and it can be conducted a week thrice to get the best results. People who have gone under their treatment stated that it is very effective, and they experienced changes within weeks after their first visit to the facility. Neurocore Brain Training Center continues to provide the public with medical services that attend to their issues with their brain.

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Malcom CasSelle Is Working With WAX In Order To Make Virtual Asset Trading Safe And Available To All

Malcom CasSelle has been working with OPSkins for many years as its CIO and has been helping the company to lead the way in the virtual assets industry. The company has gained popularity all over the world and has now created the Worldwide Asset eXchange (WAX). The goal of WAX is to offer people a decentralized marketplace where they can trade virtual assets and in-game items securely. WAX runs on blockchain technology and helps to solve the issues of fragmentation and fraud. People can trade virtual items without ever having to log out of their game.

Malcom CasSelle knows that there are a spread of places where people can trade virtual assets. He also knows that these are fragmented into local areas or regional marketplaces that don’t allow a worldwide trading environment. WAX wil be tokenizing virtual assets, which will make it much easier to trade them without all of the security issues that crop up without blockchain technology being employed. The token will also allow everyone access to trading virtual assets as it created a common utility token as a base for trading.

Malcom CasSelle is the president of WAX and also serves OPSkins as its chief information officer. He earned his bachelor’s degree in computer science while studying at MIT and went on to complete his master’s degree in computer science at Stanford University. CasSelle can speak, both, Mandarin and Japanese, which has helped him a lot as he has worked overseas in Japan and China. CasSelle is also an active investor who invested in companies that found a lot of success including Zynga, Facebook, and Netflix.

Before today, Malcom CasSelle worked with Tronc as the company’s chief technology officer and president. He was in charge of watching over the company’s rapid growth properties by drawing on its digital assets. Before working with Tronc, he served as the senior vice president and general manager of Digital Media at SeaChange Int’l. CasSelle has also been a leading part of a spread of other digital startups, such as, MediaPass, Xfire, and a joint venture with Groupon and Tencent in China.

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