A Review Of The Services Offered At Brian Bonar’s Ranch

Brian Bonar’s newest investment, Bellamy’s, is picking up fast in Escondido. The restaurant offers some of the best dishes in San Diego. The Master Chef of France, Patrick Ponsaty, prepares different cuisines and delicacies.

The chef is only one of the two chefs in San Diego that holds the title. With broad experience as a chef at Rancho Bernardo Inn and Planet Coronado, the chef’s mouthwatering dishes are attracting many clients to the secluded ranch along the Grand Avenue.

According to Bloomberg, for Brian Bonar, the restaurant is not just another investment. He wants the locals and other people to have delicious cuisines that could only be enjoyed in 5-star hotels. Bonar has invested huge resources and brought in the master chef to convert the rather lonely ranch into a place full of fun and delicious meals. Previously, Bellamy’s was called Tango.

In his strategic move, Brian Bonar sourced for staff from his favorite restaurants. This way, he could bring in experienced people from their respective fields. This move saw the new restaurant recruit Trevor Da Costa, a front-of-the-house man, and Mike Reidy, a chef.

The entrepreneur hired Mike to serve as Bellamy’s executive chef. In addition, he managed to enlist the services of Ponsaty. With his staff in place, he was now ready to establish the restaurant business that offers quality services and unique cuisines.

When people arrive at the 144-acre ranch, they experience nature in its natural form. The signage for the Bellamy is just a tarp. The changes to the restaurant are also minimal. Much of the furniture and design that existed during the Tango-era is still found at the place. One would think that he or she is lost until the corn soup arrives.

The soup is made from cream that has been treated using Basque. A taste of the soup awakens one’s taste buds! Moreover, you get to enjoy loads of cuisines that only Master Chef of France can prepare.

Some of the dishes offered at the Bellamy’s are a mille-feuille topped with slices of apple over layers of liver comfit and smoked eel. The liver is prepared in pork fat. This information was originally reported on SanDiego Magazine as highlighted in the following link http://www.sandiegomagazine.com/San-Diego-Magazine/August-2013/Grand-Cuisine-at-Bellamys/

The friendly Kyle serves the food. He has an amazing knowledge of the cuisines and describes the dishes in details like an engineer describing his latest sports car. Clients that are not certain on how to eat their servings should not worry.

This is because Kyle guides then through the process perfectly without any hint of annoyance or pretense. He compliments and enhances the services offered by Da Costa and the chefs.

About Brian Bonar

According to Bloomberg, Brian Bonar is a successful entrepreneur and executive leader. The financial expert is known for his transformative leadership at Trucept. Over the last five years, he has served as the chair and the CEO of the company.

He is also associated with various firms such as Dalrada Financial Corporation, Allegiant Professional Business Services, Itec Technologies, and AMS Outsourcing. The graduate of Stanford University founded Bazier Systems in 1994. This was the first company in the world to use SCSI printing technology in its printers.

Securus Technologies Understands The Importance of Privacy and Security in Communications

There have been many reasons as of late as to why communications services are being required to implement the highest technologies of safety and security into their programs. Unfortunately, there are a vast array of opportunities for intrusion in many of today’s communications. Therefore, it is highly recommended for people to communicate with one another through the means of technologically advanced methods.


Securus Technologies is a companies that has enabled people to chat with their friends or family members who may be in an unfortunate situation of being jailed in a correctional facility. It brings jail visitation to one’s very own home. Unfortunately, many scheduled jail visitation times are given in some of the most inconvenient times for people, whether it be for work, school, or anything else is solely dependent on their particular schedules. It may also be difficult for friends and/or family to travel certain distances from their homes to the correctional facilities where the inmates are jailed in.


Securus Technologies has been approved and accredited by the BBB as a viable option of communications for anybody. Thus, one can have assurance of knowing that the communications protocols are absolutely safe and secure as they have undergone regulatory standards of inspections. If you would like to begin conducting video conferences with someone who has been in an unfortunate situation of being jailed, then it is highly recommended for you to contact one of the representatives of Securus Technologies so that they can assist you with setting up and account and getting started with your communications. The price rates are quite low and competitive, making it a great option as a substitute for visitations for anybody. Utilizing the program is a great way to keep in touch with those who are closest to us.


Meet The CEO Behind The Success Of Capital Group

At the moment, the capital group is the leading investment management company in the whole world. It is a corporation that has always had great leaders.

One leader who led the company to expand significantly was James Rothenberg. Unfortunately, he met his untimely demise because of a heart attack. Many of his colleagues were sad, and they knew that they had lost a great leader and who was a friend to them too. However, that did not affect the progress of the company. The board quickly appointed a man who they knew would fit in his shoes. He is none other than Timothy Armour, the CEO who is behind the current success of Capital Group.

Capital Group is still the leading company concerning investment in the whole world under the leadership of Timothy Armour. He is the chairman of the group and the Chief Executive Officer. The transition of leadership happened recently but it has gone smoothly, and management of the company has not been compromised because every staff here is hard working, and Timothy Armour is the leader who is also hard working.

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Who Tim Armour is

Timothy Armour is mostly known as a talented leader in management and investment. He is also well educated since he obtained his degree in Economics from Middlebury which is a recognized institution in Vermont. After completing his education, he immediately started his career by working in the Associate Program of Capital Group. He has got most of his experience in management and investment from the company because he has worked there over thirty years. He finally became the chairman of the company in 2015. Therefore, you should note that to rise to the position of leadership, it takes time and dedication. One should also be patient because It will take time for your dream to come true.


Tim was appointed to be the chairman on July 28, 2015, and named as the official director of Capital Group. It was an exciting time for him though at the same time it was sad because the company had lost one of their own. It was a leadership transition that had already been set. After the passing away of Jim Rothenberg, it was a sad moment for everyone, and it was, therefore, a sad development. However, Tim is the best leader who can fit in the shoes of Jim. They had been friends for a long time until they were separated through death.

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Hair Protection & Maintenance

Haircare is one of the most profitable and popular industries in the world today and has been for nearly a century. This industry is full of products and services which pushes it over the billion dollar sales mark. Did you know that many of the products you’re using are loaded with chemical additives? Unfortunately this is true and with consistent use, these products can cause a wide range of side effects down the line such as hair breakage or even hairloss. Shampoo is commonly used by just about everyone, but it falls victim to this chemical wrath. Yes, shampoo does clean your hair, but it also has it’s negatives. The rich lather that comes from shampoo is actually a chemical reaction of it’s ingredients. Parabens and sulfates are the literally the culprits as they can potentially give you a great case of itchy scalp, dry scalp, or flakes.

The best thing to do is to limit the usage of these beauty products. Cutting back cuts down on the trauma dramatically and lessens your chances of scalp issues. Are you familiar with some of the current all-natural brands of today? How about Chaz Dean. WEN product line is one of the leading haircare brands on the market today and Chaz Dean is the company/brand founder. These all-natural products offers you some of the finest ingredients to man. WEN by Chaz is a reflection of Chaz Dean’s beliefs and healthy living. Yes, Mr. Dean is a celebrity hair stylist who lives the healthiest of lifestyles when compared to others on his level. See, http://chazdean.com/.

WEN by Chaz Hair care Products come in gel, pomade, sprays, mousse, and crème. The options are endless and the products can be used by people of all ethnicities. If you want better looking healthy hair, WEN by Chaz is the best route to take.

Need Wen? order online via the Wen.com website or Amazon.com.


Haircare 101

Hair comes in many different textures, colors, and lengths depending on the person. Most women just adore their hair and they spend copious amounts of time caring for it. The haircare industry is literally flooded with brands and endless product lines which can seem impossible at times to find what you need. Many of these the things people do in their everyday lives effect the hair positively as well as negatively. Washing your hair too much creates excess sebum because all of the nutrients are washed away from the scalp. Even water itself has chemicals in it that can cause harsh side effects down the line. Though we can’t cut water out of our normal routines, we can lessen the effects by cutting back on washing the hair.

Heavy thick pomades are great for holding hair in place, but this heavy build-up is literally choking the life out of your scalp. The things we eat on a daily basis effects the hair as well. Eating a more healthy diet can help to reverse some of the damage, but consistency is the key. One of the best hair care lines today is WEN by Chaz and it dominates when it comes to total haircare health. WEN comes from an organic source that only mother nature herself can provide. These exclusive products lack dangerous parabens and sulfates which are responsible for poor hair health.

Founded and Developed by celebrity haircare stylist Chaz Dean; http://chazdean.com/; these products are backed by facts which will dramatically improve your hair with consistent use. Chaz Dean has the experience, expertise, and capabilities to give you luscious locks on-demand (in-a-sense). It’s time to cut out of the danger zone and give your hair a true rebirth. WEN by Chaz delivers on all promises and is surely the brand to beat in future times.

For more information, go to Wen.com. Check out the Wen Facebook page to view the complete product gallery.

Capital Group Promises Better Returns for Investors

Investors can now rest easy knowing that they are in the safe hands of Capital Group. This group, led by their chairman and Chief Executive Officer Timothy Armour, has a long term focus on the interests of the investors. Timothy Armour was appointed chairman of Capital Group by the company board members in July 2015. This was after the former chairman, James Rothenberg passed away after experiencing a heart attack. Since his appointment, Timothy Armour has led the group using his major mantra “we will get you better returns over time”.

He believes that only portfolio managers committed to research and analysis can get investors the maximum returns. As such, he advises them to use services of active managers who believe in quality input for better earnings. His main interest is to make the most returns for the investors. For example, in September 2015, Timothy Armour argued that the U.S economy was not growing as strongly as expected and urged the Federal Reserve to raise rates since the near-zero interest rates resulted in undue risks to investors.

To make the prospects of its investors better, Capital Group has partnered with Samsung Asset Management. This will play a major role in collaborating the global investments and asset management products in the Korean Market. Timothy Armour argues that the company will assist in co-designing investment results given the statistical challenges in continuing financial requirements in the Korean market. The partnership will deal with product supervision, investment administration, retirement organization and distribution channels support.

Capital Group’s great efforts have been recognized by Janet Yang, an analyst at an independent investment research firm. She said that Capital Group has been successful in investment management and continues to create solid long-standing results. The reason for this great success was the commitment of the long-time portfolio managers at the company. Yang thinks that Timothy Armour being a long servicing and committed portfolio manager, makes the perfect chairman for Capital Group. She gave the company an A rating for maintaining its enduring franchise.

Timothy Armour has over 30 years of experience in his career. He joined Capital Group in 1983 under as associate’s program. Following his commitment, he was later promoted to the post of equity investment analyst where he performed global telecommunication and U.S service companies. He also worked as an equity portfolio manager. Before being chairman, Timothy Armour worked as assistant chairman, a position that gave him a chance to work with other senior members of the company in adjusting, passing and implementing the company’s strategies and also monitoring operations. It all began with a Bachelor’s degree in economics which he acquired at Middlebury College; a private college located in Middlebury, Vermont.

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Why Nathaniel Ru Founded Sweetgreen

College Kids Take On The World

After graduating from the Business School of Georgetown University, Nathaniel Ru and his college buddies wanted to do something big. They decided they would create their own restaurant and that is when Sweetgreen was born. Today, Sweetgreen is a fast food chain with stores in more than 40 locations. This is the first time co-founder Nathaniel Ru has opened up a business, but all signs point to Sweetgreen seeing a future of smashing success.



Shaking Things Up

Nathaniel Ru is on a mission to change the way the fast food industry operates and the way that we think about fast food. Much of this is achieved through the menu of Sweetgreen. Instead of burgers and fries customers are served healthful salads and other meals designed to provide nutrition. The menu of Sweetgreen is seasonal and changes based upon the time of year. There are some menu items you will find in the summer, but you will never see those items in the winter. This isn’t just another gimmick to lure in customers. It is intended to provide relief to farmers that provide Sweetgreen with its crops.



A Higher Goal In Mind

Ru’s ultimate goal for Sweetgreen is for the restaurant to serve the world. Sweetgreen isn’t just a place you go to when you want to eat. It is a gathering place for a community of like-minded people. Essentially, Ru wants to provide patrons with a sort of “tribal” experience. The Sweetgreen tribe is most apparent in the mobile app the restaurant provides. Millennials, the primary targets of Sweetgreen’s marketing, are very big on social media. As a Millennial himself Ru knows this and does just about everything he can in order to help customers achieve that experience.



What Lies Ahead

The future of Sweetgreen looks bright. The restaurant currently holds more than $100 million in revenue thanks to the interest investors have shown in the fast food chain. The idea of Sweetgreen has the potential to change the way we think of fast food and offers a level of staying power rarely seen in any startup. If Sweetgreen can continue to give its customers the sort of healthy food they desire from the company, we might see a revolution in fast food upon us. This is exactly why Nathaniel Ru created Sweetgreen in the first place.


Anthony Petrello Provides Leadership In An Industry With A Great Deal Of Complexity

The CEO of Nabors Industries Ltd., is Anthony G. Petrello. Nabors Industries Ltd., is the holding company of Nabors Exchangeco (Canada) Inc. Anthony became the Chief Executive officer of Nabors Industries Ltd., on October, 28, 2011. Mr. Petrello has been in the position at Nabors Industries, Ltd., since 1991. In addition to his executive role at Nabors Industries, Ltd., Mr. Petrello serves as the Chief Executive Officer, too, of Nabors Industries, Inc.

Prior to his current position, Mr. Anthony Petrello worked for the law firm of Baker & McKenzie. During his tenure at the legal organization of Baker & McKenzie, Mr. Petrello became the Managing Partner. He served in this function at the New York location of the firm. His position lasted from 1986 to 1991.

Mr. Anthony Petrello has been Chairman of the Board of Nabors Industries, Ltd., since June, 2012. He, too, has held the position of the company’s Deputy Chairman from 2003 to June 2012.

Additionally, Anthony Petrello serves as the Director of Texas Children’s Hospital. He has served, in the capacity of Director at MediaOn Demand. Com. He holds the position of Director at Stewart & Stevenson LLC and at Hilcorp Energy Company.

Educational Background: Mr. Anthony Petrello earned a J.D. degree at Harvard Law School. He obtained a B.S. degree and M.S. Degree in Math from Yale University.

Mr. Petrello’s Professional Involvement with Nabors Industries Ltd. is Far-Reaching:

The Nabors Industries Ltd., is owner of the largest land-based drilling fleet, globally. It provides a significant number of off-shore drilling rigs within the United States market, and other important world locations. Nabors Industries provides directional drilling services. It provides the international marketplace with a number of innovative technologies, and tools relative to the gas and oil markets.

The company’s success quotient is greatly attributable to Mr. Petrello’s involvement as its leader. It leverages its drilling automation capabilities, in order to assure maximum levels of performance are attained. The workforce of the organization makes it a point to strive for perfection. It performs all of its responsibilities, with regard to operations, in a highly accurate manner. The idea is to achieve the greatest level of performance.

Mr. Petrello is a well-respected leader at Nabors Industries, Ltd. In his role he assures strategies are employed in order to achieve global excellence for the industry he proudly serves.

Source: http://www.philanthropyroundtable.org/topic/excellence_in_philanthropy/deep_in_the_heart_of_texas

Chris Burch and Future Tech Fashion Trends

A number of changes have been witnessed in both the fashion and technological industries over the years. The two industries only need to grow together according to Christopher Burch. A comparison between the past and present could explain the changes that have occurred over time. In the past (1970s) the boom box was the in-thing and during the 80s it was added to several movie lines adding to its popularity. In the 90s people were able to enjoy a better musical experience after the Walkman was invented. Later the iPod came about and enhanced the musical experience. From the above, it is easy to conclude that technology grows as per the popularity of what is considered fashionable.



Synthesis of Fashion and Technology



At the moment there is a synthesis of fashion and technology being witnessed. Fashion designers are always looking for ways to create designs that deliver and technology can make this possible. Technology brings about high standards in purposefulness and modernization. Anouk Wipprecht, a Dutrch-based fashion designer, states that technology makes designing easier as it offers a field to experiment and delving deeper into it brings about never-ending possibilities. She has several ultramodern designs and has come up with a dress that paints itself known as Pseudomorphs and another that makes drinks, the DareDroid.



Going Forward



A number of fashion advancements are geared towards protecting people. Terese Alstin and Anna Haupt have come up with an airbag worn around the neck to protect cyclists’ heads. There are other fashion designs meant to assist fire fighters (Frontline Gloves). Other innovations have seen designers recycling materials to come up with fabulous fashions and there are plans to create shoes that can charge cell phones as the wearer walks. Technology and fashion can work together to bring out the best out of each other.



About Chris Burch



Christopher Burch is Burch Creative Capital’s founder and CEO. The investment philosophy of the company represents Burch’s vision and values in entrepreneurship through applying imagination, support, incubation, creativity, scale and new markets. This has led to disruptive businesses and brands that have a positive, direct and lasting impact on the lives of consumers.



Over the course of his 40 years as a serial entrepreneur and investor, Burch has played a part in the formation of over 50 companies. He combines an instinctive perceptive of the consumer behavior with direct and international sourcing experience. He has a solid reputation of making a connection between innovation and impact. He has recently added Coccon9, Poppin, Nihiwatu, Trademark and ED by Ellen DeGeneres to his portfolio.

Martin Lustgarten and His Successful Investment Banking Company

Investing is not a matter of the week. It involves several risks, and one must apply wisdom on all their investments. Money spent in the investment industry can return profits that run several times over. Many people are that are interested in the investment industry are never sure how to go about it. One great idea is to seek the help of professionals. Professionals can assist you through the use of investment banks and investment companies. Martin Lustgarten is one expert in the investment banking industry. Throughout the years, he has shown a complete understanding of everything that happens in the investment industries. The result is that he has gained clients from all over his country and from different parts of the world.

One advice that Martin gives is that investment is not a home-bound venture. There are many investors that find it risky to invest in another place outside their country. Most Americans look at their stock markets and find it that it is at the top of the table. However, it becomes an issue when these investments do not pay off as they expected. Martin has ensured that customers can invest in different places of the world besides America. He has studied the foreign markets and understood them quite well. For instance, he knows that Asia and Europe have robust markets in world today. Apart from that, he has an in-depth understanding of several trading activities in South America.

Martin Lustgarten has built his name to become a highly successful and respected banker. He holds dual citizenship in Austria and Venezuela. His success in the investment industry has seen him gain a lot of fame. He has advanced knowledge, especially in international investments. Martin believes that risks associated with any investment are limited if spread across different countries. He can pay attention to foreign markets simultaneously. He keeps in touch with happenings of different countries to ensure that he gets out of an investment quickly. Martin Lustgarten has built his base of operations mainly in Florida. The location has been ideal because he offers service to people in South America and North America region.

More visit: https://vimeo.com/martinlustgarten