Sheldon Lavin Facilitates Healthy Dining with OSI Group- Americas’ Top 100

Whenever healthy dining crosses your mind, OSI Group should also linger in your thoughts. Not only does this company provide you with fish and poultry, but they also offer baked products and even cheese. OSI Group generally covers a broad spectrum of the food supply. For that reason, it has been leading in the list of best food providers in America and other parts of the world.

The Back Story

OSI Group started out as a small local food supplier in Chicago. At that time, it went by the name of Otto and Sons. Just as the name suggested, the company was majorly run by a family. Otto Kolschowsky belonged to a famous immigrant community situated in Chicago. Also, most of the city’s occupants originated from Germany. Therefore, the city thrived in business, and the entry of immigrants only made it better for the natives as they established many manufacturing facilities. At one point, Otto and Sons needed to expand their firm.

Growth and Expansion

With the help of Sheldon Lavin who at the moment, worked as a finance executive, the firm transitioned into a relatively larger firm that supplied meat based products to butcheries and restaurants. Following the growing demand for meat in the area, the company thought it wise to expand its territories. As of today, OSI Group is among the largest and best food providers in the universe.


Featuring a workforce of more than 20,000 workers across the various countries worldwide, the company has risen to the corporate world. As of now, it has major branches in China, Spain, and Germany among others. Moreover, the company majorly contributes to the growth of country’s economies.

Quality Assurance

For OSI Group, there is more to the company than meets the eye. Behind the extensive global expansion is a qualified team of professionals with the primary focus on improving people’s diets through providing healthy foods. As such, the team ensures that consumers enjoy their meals. Also critical to note is that Sheldon Lavin is the man behind the management of this team. Having joined the company at its pioneering stage, Sheldon Lavin worked through implementing major strategies to guard the organization.

Business and Sustainability

For a diverse range of fresh and modern business strategies to meet some of the best and advanced strategies in business, you can turn to OSI Group for assurance. The company prides itself on being a major service provider of tailored services and products. As such, the management has been able to retain more than 1 million clients annually. What is more, the company is always ready to transition your ideas into major success stories.

More on the Leadership

OSI Group is majorly controlled by Sheldon Lavin, the chief executive officer. Over the years, he has focused on global expansion and the implementation of viable business strategies for successful projects. It is evident that with proper leadership, an organization is set to grow outstandingly.

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Entrepreneur and developer Roberto Santiago

Roberto Santiago is the most successful investor and entrepreneur in Brazil. He was born in 1958 in Joao Pessoa. Roberto Santiago went to Pio x Marist College and later studied at the University of Joao Pessoa where he obtained a Bachelors of Business Administration degree. Roberto is the founder and the owner of the famous largest shopping mall in Brazil. He named it Roberto Santiago Manaira Shopping Mall. It is strategically located between two beaches in Joao Pessoa, which gives it a unique taste to be more preferred and loved by shoppers. The mall users enjoy visiting the mall as they view the beautiful Brazilian beaches.

He started his entrepreneurship career at a tender age by establishing a Cartonnage Company. He designed and manufactured cardboards and cartons which he sold locally and to various commercial businesses. Later, Roberto Santiago ventured into real estate and acquired a large plot of land in Joao Pessoa where he later established the Manaira Mall. Santiago had passion and vision for the mall business. He invested a lot of finance and time to see his dream coming true. The construction project took two years to be completed. The mall was fitted with gaming area, food courts, college, banks, gym, theatre, rooftop concert hall, financial companies, and much more.

Roberto Santiago Shopping Mall was built to a host a large number of shoppers and users. It has spacious space for various activities. The entertainment section is one of a kind. The mall features the famous Brazilian hall, Domus Hall that is located on the rooftop. The hall is unique in such a way it can host 10,000 people. It is featured with high-tech music system, soundproofed walls and air conditioners to make the users more comfortable.

The Domus Hall is suitable for conferences, wedding parties, concerts, exhibitions, trade fairs and much more. Under entertainment section, the mall has a large gaming area suitable for both children and adults. It encompasses the bowling alley, electronic amusement park and hundreds of betting machines.

The mall also has the best restaurants in the country including the Waynes, Espaco Gourmet, and Capital Steakhouse. They all provide custom meals to suit the taste and preferences of the customers. Through all the facilities, stores and commercial business that are found in the shopping mall, Roberto Santiago earns a lot of revenue. The mall has increased the economy of the state and has created a substantial number of employment opportunities for the residents of Brazil.

Although the heart of Roberto`s success remains to be the Manaira Shopping mall, he established and developed another mall in 2013. Mangeira Mall has the same qualities as his first mall although it is smaller than the Manaira Mall.


Adam Milstein: A Champion of the Nation of Israel

In times of unrest, upheaval, and oppression there are always a few individuals who stand up, speak out, and act in accordance with their beliefs and principles. Adam Milstein, an outspoken philanthropist, is one such individual.

Born in 1952 in Haifa, Israel, the son of a veteran of Israel’s War of Independence, Adam Milstein was all too familiar with the struggles of Israel’s rebirth as a nation. While educational goals as well as his profession brought him to America during his early adulthood. He inherited a fire for his homeland from his father and has put his passion to good use for the nation of Israel on the world stage.

Since his move to America, Adam Milstein has had continued success in the real estate industry. He is currently a partner at Hager Pacific. He is also the National Chairman of the Israeli-American Council. Furthermore, in 2000 he founded and currently serves as president of the Adam and Gila Milstein Family Foundation, a non profit organization which strives to strengthen the Nation of Israel and fortify relations between the United States and Israel through education of fellow Israeli-Americans as well as allies and supporters of the Nation of Israel. In 2016 The Jerusalem Post named Milstein one of the World’s fifty most influential Jews and Algemeiner, a seperate publication, named him one of the top one hundred people who positively influence Jewish life.

When he’s not spending time with his family, excelling in his chosen profession, or busy with his charitable work, Adam Milstein, under the guidance of the old adage, “The pen is mightier than the sword” writes for JNS (Jewish News Syndicate). An online and exponentially growing news agency which covers Israel and the Jewish world. JNS has affiliates such as Fox Nation, The Jewish Post and News, K-LOVE, and They provide news and analysis to upwards of one hundred publications both printed and digital.

Milstein’s latest article entitled, Unlikely Radical Alliances Fan the Flames of Anti-Semitism Worldwide, highlights growing antisemitism due to radical Muslim groups aligning with radical leftist organizations. While the two extremes have widely differentiating ideology they share a common bond in their hatred of western civilizations world influence, freedom of speech, and extreme distrust and prejudice against Israel and Jewish people. The radical lefts view of Israel as a colonialist oppressor has garnered sympathy for Muslims and created a pathway for Islamic extremist to spew their hatred for Jews under the guise of a false victimhood. He goes on to cite examples of leaders of the left such as Bernie Sanders and Linda Sarsour campaigning for an antisemitic politician and publicly thanking an (unindicted) co-conspirator of the World Trade Center bombing in 1993, respectively. Such actions from the supposed advocates of human rights is appalling to say the least. The entire article is both enlightening and provocative.

In this topsy turvy political landscape where ideology is conveniently pushed aside and hypocrisy along with unadulterated hate are celebrated it is inspiring to know there are those who speak out against such unabashed prejudice. Adam Milstein is certainly one such person, and indeed a champion of Israel.

Peter Briger, an Elite Business Professional

Peter Briger is an alumnus of both Princeton University and the University of Pennsylvania where he graduated with a bachelor’s degree in Arts as well as a Master’s in Business Administration respectively. His career journey began at Goldman Sachs where he served in various management and leadership roles. It is in this investment banking company that he gained vast experience in areas of foreign investments, real estate, loans, and trading. It is in 1996 that he decided to become a partner of the company before joining Fortress investment group in 2002.Today, he is the president and co-chairperson of the board of directors of the company. Additionally, he is in-charge of real-estate and credit fund department and also involved in distressed debts and illiquid investments. Thanks, to his leadership and experience, today, Fortress is a success, managing assets of over 65 billion dollars.

It is rated one of the best investment company in the US. In fact, Peter is among the top 400 Forbes business professionals.Apart from having a successful career, Peter Briger is compassionate about humanity. He is involved in various charity works, i.e., events and organizations. For example, he is a leader at Silicon Valley Council which is in charge of funds going to children globally. Peter has invested $600 million in conserving central park in New York City. His charity support is mostly oriented to children, education and eradicating poverty.In his website, Peter states that besides his work at the Fortress company, he helped establish Princeton University Investment Company to help other alumni into entrepreneurship. Any creative idea is funded with up to $100,000.

The program aims at encouraging innovation and creativity among students.In an article by Popper, Peter Briger explains how Wall Street got into bitcoin business. He states that in 2013, Wells Fargo bank in San Francisco had a meeting with Fortress investment to articulate on the issue of having the first bitcoin exchange regulated by the nation. The technology was a plus for the Fortress company as it was an instant and cheap way to send money globally. With bitcoin, Wells Fargo would counter payment network challenges, he urged both companies to provide regulated bitcoin exchange in the US. However, there was no agreement after the talk. This paved the way for Wall Street to evolve and grow in the bitcoin business gradually.

Looking Back On The History Of Citizens United

There have been many political action committees over the years but none have become quite as prominent in such a short of period of time as End Citizens United. They were founded in 2015 in response to the controversial decision made in the case of Citizens United vs. Federal Election Committee.

Their goal is to reverse this decision and help keep big money out of politics. Their president is Tiffany Muller and they are headquartered in Washington DC. The current goal of End Citizens United is to raise $35 million to help Democrats emerge victorious in the upcoming midterms elections. This is 10 million more than they raised last year.


They’ve already announced their endorsements for such high profile Senate candidates as Tammy Baldwin, Elizabeth Warren and Kyrsten Sinema. Recently, End Citizens United released what they call the Big Money 20, a list of the greediest and most corrupt politicians currently holding public office. Known colloquially as “the worst of the worst,” their goal is to target these depraved politicians and ensure that they are not reelected for another term. This year’s list includes such well-renowned elected officials as Paul Ryan, Ted Cruz and Dana Rohrbacher. End Citizens United believes winning the midterm elections is the next stepping stone on the road to overturning the abysmal decision in the 2010 court case and eliminating the involvement of big money in politics. Whether they will succeed with this endeavor remains to be seen.

Based on past elections, however, it would appear the odds are in the Democrat’s favor to win big in the upcoming midterm elections. Ever since the presidential election of 2016, Democrats have been winning in all four corners of the country, particularly in areas that Trump won by a big margin in the previous election. Additionally, a record number of Republicans have announced their decision not to seek reelection in the upcoming midterm elections. This has led to speculation that the Democrats will be able to take back the House, Senate and Congress come November.

In the past, ECU has given its endorsement to such high profile candidates as Jon Ossoff, Beto O’Rourke and Hillary Clinton, the Democratic nominee in the previous presidential election. They’ve also helped elect such strong progressive candidates as Maggie Hassan and Catherine Cortez-Masto. So we wish them the best of luck in the upcoming midterm elections and hope they achieve their goal of overturning Citizens United.

Wes Edens, Uncorks The Risks Of Alternative Strategies

Known for its corporate business structure, Fortress Investment Group reached a pinnacle of success with $44 billion in managed assets in December 2017. Lead by Wes Edens, who is one of the original founding partners; the firm evolved from a single asset based fund into a larger global investment house. Wes also serves as the Chairman and since its inception in 1998, he has played a central role in helping clients reach long term financial prosperity.To achieve this level of longevity, Fortress primarily deals in real estate transactions, private equity deals, and traditional and permanent capital markets. However, when it comes to securing sizable financial assets, such as Fortress Investment Group manages, these aren’t just deals drawn up with pen and paper, careful planning and diversity are a must. Because it takes more than just positive thinking to maintain an elite level of success in the financial industry. Wes has been there since the early beginnings. His career as an alternative investment strategist started shortly after earning his undergraduate degree from Oregon State University.

First he worked for Lehman Brothers, where he served as Managing Partner and Director, before moving on to BlackRock Financial Management.From BlackRock , he would eventually end up founding Fortress Investment Group and by this point his knowledge as an investment banker was well established. When people mention his name, it’s associated with “shrewd” but ethical financial investments. He has earned a reputation as a businessman who’s always on the move, seeking new opportunities for his firm to invest venture capital in for potential growth. What sets Wes Edens apart from other alternative strategists is that he still acts like the “boy next door.” Anyone who knows him says that he’s easy going and friendly. This has served him well in his outside ventures, such as ownership of the National Basketball Association team, the Milwaukee Bucks.More than any other thing, owning a professional NBA team, broaden his perspective on the business world. Wes Edens also owns an eSports team.

The eSports league isn’t new, it has been around since the popularity of Atari video games in the 1980s. For a former investment banker and securities trader, Wes Edens is familiar with the importance of diversification. His eSports team FlyQuest, added another ownership aspect to his portfolio, this one began with a bid for a four player deal, vying for a spot with Cloud9 Challenger’s League Championship Series.We like men like Wes Edens, because he’s always in the process of evolving. Proof of this in financial terms is his inclusion on Forbes’ Annual Billionaire List. Thanks in part to his purchase of Fortress stock shares. When the firm went public, Wes Edens became a billionaire. His reported net worth, minus his take home salary is an estimated $2.2 billion. He’s no stranger to this, having been ranked since 2007. The reason this doesn’t include his “take home” pay is because of the cash dividends profit from the ownership shares, which are roughly worth a $150 million.

The life of Sahm Adrangi

Have you ever been on the internet and seen that somebody has left a negative review? Did you go to the comments because you think they are funny and want to read more?

Sahm Adrangi talks about the way that there were investment issues that this company didn’t have a good track record which made Sahm Adrangi hesitant to work with them. There is talk about this company losing money in the end which is what they are afraid of when they think of all the business that they are going to have to do in the near future. Sahm Adrangi says that Kodakone has members who leaked some restricted stock even before the company had become the company this is illegal and concerned Sahm Adrangi in the long run. This was also one of the biggest issues the company made and that was the biggest concern that Sahm had when looking into this company. The board members should have know what this was going to do to their company in the long run which is harming to them. This company does however have an outstanding investment advice which makes them harder to turn down when they are looking for investors.

Sahm Adrangi says that because of this there will be a decline in cash and that this company will struggle to stay afloat. Which means that this company is a very risky investor and that the company couldn’t understand if they were going to be able to take them in when they needed that help. Kodakone also has a very low track record and is managed by people who don’t know how to manage things. They also have a very uncertain past and that leads people to have concerns when looking into this company when there are investors that could invest in them.

This is something that should be looked into by several different people but Sahm was just a start for this company and he won’t be the last.

Innovation and Expansion: The Story of the OSI Group

Some older companies struggle to stay relevant in an ever changing market. Some companies fade away, or fail, or get consumed by their competitors. That, however, is not the story of the OSI Group, a primer global food provider. Founded in 1909 as a simple family-owned meat market and butcher shop, the company was dedicated to growth and innovation since the beginning. In 1955, they became McDonald’s first supplier of fresh ground beef, and would expand their logistical support for the fast food company over the years. The company would become OSI Group in 1975, which would be followed shortly by them expanding into the international market with a joint-partnership leading them to Germany. They have expanded since, growing in existing markets, and entering new ones, such as China in 1992.

Even in recent years, the OSI Group has continued to pursue excellence in their field. In 2016, the British Safety Council awarded the OSI Group the Globe of Honour Award, a prestigious annual honor. The award is given to companies who have demonstrated an exemplary management of environmental risks in their business operations. The point of the award is to inspire companies to achieve excellence in environmental management.

This award is not easy to earn, as there are two strict conditions that any organization must meet. The first is that the company has to achieve the maximum rating of five stars in the British Safety Council’s environment management audit for the prior year. Along with meeting that requirement, the company must also prove to an independent panel their excellence in environmental management. Every award winner must meet these two requirements, and in 2016, only 18 business accomplished that. This is not the first time that the OSI Group has been awarded the Globe of Honour. They also won the prestigious award in 2013 and 2015.

Winning this award was by far not the only notable thing they have did in 2016. While working to prove their excellence in environmental management, they were also expanding. One such expansion happened in Chicago, where the OSI Group bought a 20,000 square foot Tyson Foods plant that was closing down. The food plant was bought in a 7.5 million dollar transaction. This new food plant is close to other of the company’s Chicago facilities, and the reason that the company gave for the sizable purchase was that the new food plant would help provide the infrastructure to support continued business growth in the market.

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Rodrigo Terpins: A Kindhearted Brother and Leader of the Bull Sertoes Rally Team

Rally driving has become a career for Rodrigo Terpins. In the beginning, he was racing just for fun, but he realized that being in the sport can also be a career path for him. He learned how to drive at a very young age, and his father trained him on how to get his hand on the wheels. He successfully obtained his driver’s license when he reached the legal age and continued to drive because it was his passion. Rodrigo Terpins would also have to attend the university, and after years of hard work, he earned a degree in Business Management. After he graduated, he had to balance the life of being a racer and a life of being an employee. Through the years of being in the same career path, he decided that he should focus more on being a racer. Rodrigo remembered what his father told him – he should take a career that would make him happy. To control his own time, Rodrigo Terpins decided to establish his own business, naming it as T5 Participacoes. Check out




He focused on joining national and international competitions, and he ended up winning some of it. In 2012, he persuaded his younger brother, Michel Terpins, to join the Sertoes Rally. The Sertoes Rally is the largest national event in Brazil for rally drivers. Many racers all over the world come to Brazil to join the race. In 2015, he created the Bull Sertoes Rally Team, inviting his younger brother and two other individuals to become members. This year, at the 25th Sertoes Rally, he persuaded his younger brother to represent the team. The race for the 25th edition of the Sertoes Rally will take place somewhere in the mid-western regions of Brazil. The route is 2,600 kilometers long, and it will be on a treacherous highway filled with obstacles along the way. Many racers have also traveled to Brazil to join the 25th edition of the competition, and their final count is around 200 individuals. Michel Terpins is feeling nervous about the event, but Rodrigo Terpins have cleared out that he should only have fun and not to pressure himself.


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How Talk Fusion is Able to Work for You

If you currently own a company, you know how important it is to both market and reach your audience as well as employees. By keeping the liens of communication continually open, you’re able to grow a company that you can feel proud of each and every day. This is why you need to consider a company known as Talk Fusion. Talk Fusion has revolutionized the world of communication and digital marketing like you have never seen before. The fact that Talk Fusion has been around since 2007 is reason enough to believe that it is a reliable company that you can trust.


Talk Fusion has a variety of different services available including video email, video messaging, video meetings and conferences and video chat sessions. You can hold live meetings through the Talk Fusion app, which is simple and effortless on your part. In fact, it only takes a few minutes of your time to make use of Talk Fusion and create an account that you can use whenever you would like. Along with offering some of the best services out there, Talk Fusion is affordable on just about any budget. Not only are you making use of the digital marketing and communication that you need, but you’re not spending a small fortune just to get it done.


The beauty about the Talk Fusion app is that it’s available on a range of different platforms including Android and iOS devices. You can also make use of the company on their site by simply logging into the account that you’ve created for yourself. In fact, you can make use of any Talk Fusion service with one simple login name and password, so it is going to save you tons of time without having to use multiple services for all of the digital marketing that you’re going to need to get this job done. Learn more:


If you feel that it is time to give Talk Fusion a try for yourself, now is the time to visit their site, create an account and see for yourself why millions of people have used the app since its inception over a decade ago. Because of all of the work that Talk Fusion has put into their multitude of products, they are always bettering themselves to ensure satisfaction of each of their many customers. You will also find that using the Talk Fusion app helps your company to grow in a way that you never thought possible before because of all of the marketing and digital marketing that is available to you at a price that is fair and convenient for the budget that you are currently able to afford and are unable to get multiple services for this reason.