David Mcdonald Watches Over OSI Group To Ensure It Will Remain Sustainable and Environmentally Friendly

David McDonald, the president of the OSI Group, is leading the way for the company to continue its amazing rate of growth into the future. David McDonald earned a degree in Animal Science from Iowa State University when he was younger and also sits on the Board of Directors for the North American Meat Institute. His optimistic way of looking at the possibilities for his company has inspired many, and his experience and work-ethic are two driving reasons for his success as its president. Along with the rest of OSI Group’s leadership, David has been working hard to expand the company on a global level, and with the acquisition of so many different companies over the last few years, OSI is right on track with its plans

Bahoo Foods Purchase

Recently, OSI purchased Baho Foods, which is a dutch food manufacturer that provides a range of food options for its customers who live in 18 different European countries. David said that adding the company to OSI’s current offerings was a great move and that it gives them more access to the European market. He also feels that Bahoo Foods offers products that perfectly complement what OSI provides in the region and that the joint venture will only serve to make his company stronger. John Balvers, the managing director of Baho Foods, agreed 100% with McDonald, and commented that he is happy to be working with OSI.

OSI Is Sustainable Thanks To David McDonald

No one cares more about the sustainability of OSI Group than David McDonald. His dedication to this end has produced endless positive results, and part of the new efforts, on his part, are to focus on technology that ensures his company maintains the standards he set. In OSI’s food plants, there is now technology being installed that will monitor the activities of the workers there, guaranteeing the quality of the food. In the communities David McDonald works in, with OSI, he makes sure that environmental standards are followed and that the company gets a good part of its food from farms. In fact, one of the company’s German factories was built within range of more than one local farm that will provide the meat that is packaged and processed.

David McDonald Believes In Family

There is no one else that believes in the value of treating their employees like family more than David does. He also believes that the families of the people who work under him are highly important to. David works very hard to make sure that the employees of OSI Group know that they are extremely valued and that without them, the company would not be as strong as it is today.

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Logan Stout Builds a Strong Leadership Career

In life, you have to work hard so that you can succeed in whatever you do. When it comes to business, it is essential for one to have the right skills and still work hard. The only successful people in industry are the only people who succeed in business are those who display resilience and readiness to work. Logan Stout is one person who has shown that hard work can pay because all the things he has started have been favorable.

Today he has started a business that many people were not expecting. Remember that Logan had been a professional baseball player and started the largest organization in the world to nurture growing talent. People would not expect Logan to start a company that specializes in fitness and weight management. First, Logan knew that people need to be fit so that they can enjoy their life. He went ahead to start a company called IDLife with the aim of helping people to manage their weight. Logan has the desire of helping others and he started the business so that he can help others to achieve fitness goals.

Apart from taking part in sports and being a successful businessman, Logan has the passion for building the lives of people. He has helped many people starting their business by giving them good advice and even funding those with good ideas. He has the desire to see people excel in what they do and their business. Logan takes leadership skills seriously, and he takes some time to teach others how to be good leaders. These are skills that required by entrepreneurs because they set them apart from others. Entrepreneurs have considerable differences when compared to employees because entrepreneurs motivate others and even themselves.

Another important aspect of life taught by Logan Stout is the importance of building yourself and working as a team. People should know how to deal with others so that they can establish teamwork which is vital because people perform well when working together. Therefore, Logan wants people to be able to handle their lives and those of others in the appropriate ways. Logan gives people a lot of information through different platforms.

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The Mighty Fortress Church Makes the List

Many beautiful churches call Minnesota home. There is the Church of the Assumption in St. Paul. The Church of the Assumption, built in 1870, is the oldest church in St. Paul. Built using plans based on an earlier church in Munich, Germany, it uses aspects of the Romanesque Revival architectural style. The beautiful interior has maintained the original look of the 1800s.

St. Mary’s Catholic Church in Waverly was built using Gothic Revival architecture. It features red bricks framed by lighter tan bricks and two steeples flanking the center front.

The Church of Our Savior in Little Falls was built in 1903 from a design by Chicago architect John Sutcliffe. It combines Tudor and Gothic styles of architecture and features dual material construction with local fieldstone used for the bottom section with timber at the top.

The Mighty Fortress Church of Minneapolis was founded by Senior Pastor Bishop Thomas R. Williams, who brings over 30 years of active ministry to his position. Bishop Williams stresses everyday application of biblical truth, which he refers to as “the treasures of the word of God.” He believes that following and applying the answers found in the Bible is the solution to “the world’s distressing problems of sin, poverty, sickness, disease, racism, moral decay and social rebellion against God.” Bishop Williams teaches that “Once the world views the Church of the living God as one entity, they will be persuaded to follow Christ.”

Bishop Williams is a graduate of North Central University in Minneapolis and Bethel University and Seminary in St. Paul. He graduated in ministerial studies at Rhema Bible Training Center in Tulsa, Oklahoma, and has two Honorary Doctorate Degrees.

Bishop Williams also serves as the president of Mighty Fortress International Ministries, which teaches the practical application of biblical principles to everyday life. He preaches encouragement and empowerment through the faithful application of God’ word.

Is Entrepreneur Eric Pulier The Real Deal in Information Technology

The title of this article doesn’t do the topic of discussion any justice. People are often criticized even when they seem to do good things. The main reason is that some people will try to find the smallest of inconsistencies, to bring a hero to his knees. Fortunately, Entrepreneur Eric Pulier doesn’t have to worry about this regressive action of a few people. Though everyone is scrutinized or is criticized at some point in life, your personal track record can give the public general knowledge of what you are truly like or what you truly posses. Information technology is one of the most fascinating industries in the world, and it is also one of the most profitable industries of all-time. Eric Pulier is a man of his word, and his heart does most of the speaking.

This guy is a true philanthropic kind of guy. He has done many amazing things to better mankind. This includes his ability to bring in advanced technology to underserved communities. It’s the ability to introduce technological innovation to countries around the globe and the ability to develop multimedia programs for people who suffer with specific physical disorders. If that doesn’t describe what a true philanthropist is, nothing else will do. Pulier has studied at two of America’s most prestigious institutions. This would the Massachusetts Institute of Technology (MIT) and Harvard University. He has been a successful writer for the Harvard Crimson, and he has been a successful editor. To add a bit of insult to injury, Pulier has founded or co-founded up to 15 different companies, and they all were tech related. It’s kind of hard to find inconsistencies with a resume like this, but the resume speaks volumes.

People Doing Things was one of his first founded companies after he graduated college, and this company used advanced technological solutions for the fields of healthcare and education. His passion is to serve the needs of society through technology, and he has done an amazing job of achieving it. Eric Pulier is an entrepreneur, a businessman, an investor, but most of all, he is a good hearted person.

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Important Awareness of Osteoarthritis

As much as Arthritis is very common, few people understand it. For example, it is imperative to note that Arthritis is not a single disease, but the name refers to joint disease and pain in general. There are many varying types of arthritis affecting people worldwide.

In the USA, many people have a certain variant of the disease. Whereas it is important to note that it is more prevalent to women, and it affects them mainly as they age. Arthritis is, unfortunately, a disease that is the number one cause of disability in the USA (https://www.osteoreliefinstitute.com/relief-options/).

Osteoarthritis is the most common kind of arthritis, which causes the degeneration of the cartilage. This is indeed a very painful condition to anyone who is affected. The pain results from the rubbing of bones against each other, thereby causing stiffness, swelling and a lot of pain.

The bones rub against each other as there is not any cartilage to separate them, which degenerates with osteoarthritis. Though this disease does not have a cure, there are various treatment options that can help to manage the joint pain and improve a person’s quality of life.

Luckily for any American who could be suffering from Osteoarthritis, they could access great assistance, in regards to managing their condition, from Osteo Relief Institute. This institute is heavily invested in great technologies that are aimed at assisting alleviate pain to patients suffering from Osteoarthritis. Their dedication has earned them great respect from patients all over America.

Osteo Relief Institute is made up of many physicians and physical therapists who are duly licensed by the certification board. These medical professionals believe in treating their patients in a respectable manner, just like they would treat their family members. They are always ready to provide clients with the best method to resolve their problem without necessarily having to undergo drastic measures such as surgery.

In addition to their skilled, dedicated, and experienced physicians and therapists, they also use highly advanced technologies to ensure lasting pain relief to their patients. This allows their client’s great comfort, knowing that at Osteo Relief Institute, they will be given a second chance at a normal life.

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Eli Gershkovitz Is a Craft Beer Expert

Canada is a hub for fans of craft beers. If you want to enjoy craft beers that are high in quality and full of amazing flavor, you should consider spending a little time in the Great White North. There are so many diverse options in Canadian craft beers available to enthusiasts these days. These beers can suit all kinds of preferences well, too. One example of a prominent Canadian craft beer is called “Red Racer Pale Ale.” This beer hails from Surrey, British Columbia’s Central City Brewing. It’s a rather bitter craft beer that has more hops than many others. People who adore bitter craft beers can revel in many renowned Canadian offerings. The Canadian craft beer world, however, also has many solid choices for fans of other varieties. People who are interested in craft beers that don’t have heavy aftertastes have an abundance of options. People who are passionate about craft beers that are both sweet and dark have a wealth of options as well. There are great craft beers that come from all different parts of this vast North American nation. People can find terrific craft beers in parts of Quebec. They can find them in Ontario, New Brunswick, Nova Scotia and beyond.

Eli Gershkovitch serves as the CEO (Chief Executive Officer) of the Steamworks Brewing Company. This brewing powerhouse is headquartered in British Columbia (https://affiliatedork.com/eli-gershkovitch). Eli Gershkovitch is also the company’s founder. That isn’t where his duties stop, either. Eli Gershkovitzh is an amazingly well-rounded individual who has a lot on his plate. Although beer is one of his biggest loves in life, he’s also a hard-working attorney and pilot.


The people who meet Eli Gershkovitz can’t resist discussing his exciting and successful career. They discuss his impressive personality, too. Eli Gerhskovitz is the portrait of cool under pressure. He also happens to be a pleasant, amiable and affable individual who likes making other people feel comfortable. This CEO doesn’t make people think that he’s too busy for them. He goes the extra mile to put people at ease. Eli Gershkovitz’s success, because of that, isn’t a mystery.

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An in depth look at an Exceptional Physician & Surgeon:

Dr. Mark Holterman is a well known and respected surgeon who works out of Peoria Illinois. Dr. Holterman works with several hospitals within the Peoria area including Saint Francis Medical Center. In addition to his work at Saint Francis Hospital, Dr. Mark Holterman has performed many successful surgeries at the Carle Foundation Hospital.


Dr. Mark Holterman’s is generally a children’s doctor. He has his own office located at 420 NE Glen Oak Avenue in downtown Peoria. Dr. Holterman has over two decades of experience in pediatric surgery. He has performed numerous surgeries on the colon, abdomen as well as vascular surgery. Dr. Holterman is known as one of the best in the business when it comes to Pediatric Treatment and Surgery.


*Educational Background/ Residency: Fellowship:


Dr. Holterman Graduated from the University of Virginia medical school. In addition, he also completed his surgical residency at the University of Virginia. Most of Dr. Holterman’s residency focused upon Pediatric Surgery as well as follow up care for children.


Dr. Holterman received his Fellowship in Pediatric Surgery from the University of Washington. He spent two years at the University of Washington working toward his Fellowship. Dr. Holterman was an exceptional Physician and role model during his tenure at the University of Washington located in Seattle (http://markjholterman.strikingly.com/). Possibly his compassion and interest for children has helped Dr. Holterman become an Exceptional Pediatric Physician.


Dr. Holterman is currently certified by the American Board of Surgery which enables him to practice as well as perform Pediatric Surgery at several hospitals within the Peoria area. In addition, his state medical license is currently in good standing and is scheduled to be renewed at the end of 2017.




In 2008-2009 Dr. Mark Holterman was named one of the “Top Pediatric Physician’s” at Saint Francis Hospital (About.Me). In addition, in 2009 he was also named “One of Americas Top Physicians”. Throughout his career, Dr. Holterman received over 10 recognition and Honor awards.


Dr. Mark Holterman has spoken at several medical conventions. In additions, he has also been present at several Medical School Graduation ceremonies to offer his support and good wishes to the up and coming Physicians.

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The Successful Career Of Glen Wakeman

Glen Wakeman is an individual who is motivated not only his success but also by the success of those who surround him. As a result, Glen Wakeman has dedicated his career towards the growth of enterprises that are trying to make it through the turbulent economic market as it is today. In the course of his career, Glen has managed to mentor executives in various enterprises such as Sitter Bees and DreamFunded, and his input into these companies resulted in massive success.


Glen Wakeman is well educated on financial matters, and he employs the skills that he acquired back in school to obtain quality results. The primary factors that he focuses on in the process of helping businesses rise to the challenge include market execution, leadership, human capital, and risk management (Wikipedia). Glen Wakeman acquired his degrees in Economics and Finance from the University of Scranton in 1981. However, he realized that degree papers were not sufficient in helping him tackle some of the primary challenges that keep emerging in the financial market.


In 1993, Glen Wakeman enrolled for Masters in Business Administration in Finance at the University of Chicago. Glen Wakeman has a keen eye, and this helped him to notice the rapid evolution that was taking over business operations. It is from such observations that Glen Wakeman contributed to the establishment of Launchpad holding LLC where he is the CEO (http://www.businesswire.com/news/home/20060530005503/en/Doral-Financial-Corporation-Names-Glen-Wakeman-President). Glen realized that information Technology is influencing how business transactions are undertaken, and Launchpad Holdings was meant to be a solution for start-ups, which tend to face extreme competition from other well-established companies.


Wakeman matches his curiosity to that of a cat, and it is the challenging nature of life that keeps him on his heels as he tries to understand difficult situations. Glen Wakeman has managed to set an admirable record wherever he works. As a result, his insight is in high demand from different enterprises. Some of the companies that have benefited from the services of Glen include Doral Financial Corporation and GE Capital. Glen Wakeman’s success has been evidenced in the past by his ability to guide a failing business that had more than 16,000 employees and $15 billion in assets to experience steady growth and finally become very successful.


Market America Inc

One of the goals recently put forth by Market America Inc is to alter how people choose to shop by giving them a one stop online destination, as well as their own personal consultant to assist them in making buying decisions. This concept can really help people save their time and money. Shop.com is the product of this concept. The website combines comparison shopping, up to date technology, and top grade customer service that the company takes great pride in. With shop.com, buyers can find new, unique brands from Market America Inc, as well as old standby retailers such as BestBuy, Target, Bloomingdale’s, Gap, Nike, and many more. With Shop.com, a whole world of retail is at your fingertips.

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Discover The Oldest Missile Launcher, The Trabuco

The Trabuco is an ancient war machine that works like a catapult. The weapon was initially modeled on the concept of a sling. It was used to bring down stonewalls or get trajectories into a walled compound. The weapon was originally built with wheels to enable mobility to get close to the enemy structures. The Chinese are believed to have made the first version.

The Trabuco was easy to make and maintain. In addition, it could launch heavier weights for longer distances than existing ballistic weapons. This made the weapon very popular. It converts gravitational energy into kinetic energy to launch its load. A few factors are crucial to its efficiency. Part of the energy dissipates as heat and sound. The counterweight influences the speed of the projectile on youtube.com.

One of the biggest weapons could send a 140-pound load quickly over 250 feet according to banco.bradesco. The machine was manually moved and operated by people. A full-scale operation required over 250 people attending to it. It has since become a useful reference point for teachers trying to explain a few energy and motion concepts in physics. The popularity of the weapon saw it make its way into various regions.

According to lista.mercadolivre.com.br, Arab merchants introduced it to the Middle East. They upgraded it to handle more weight creating hybrid versions. It also made its way to Europe in the thirteenth century. They modified it to focus on human strength and a fixed weight. This improved its accuracy and load capacity. The blunderbuss version became extremely popular in the rest of Europe. By the end of that period, improved versions of the weapon could handle loads weighing over a ton.

Additionally, attitudes and strategies had significantly shifted. Besides stones and bricks, the load expanded to include full animals and sand barrels. Similarly, live people and dead bodies suffering from infectious diseases we also used as missiles forming the earliest recorded forms of biological welfare.

The fire and reign of the Trabuco started declining with the advent of gunpowder and mechanized missile systems such as the canon. The term Trabuco is used informally in Brazil to refer to high-caliber shotguns. The weapon is recorded as having been employed by the Mongol army to attack the Chinese cities of Fancheng as well as Xiangyang.

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