Discover The Oldest Missile Launcher, The Trabuco

The Trabuco is an ancient war machine that works like a catapult. The weapon was initially modeled on the concept of a sling. It was used to bring down stonewalls or get trajectories into a walled compound. The weapon was originally built with wheels to enable mobility to get close to the enemy structures. The Chinese are believed to have made the first version.

The Trabuco was easy to make and maintain. In addition, it could launch heavier weights for longer distances than existing ballistic weapons. This made the weapon very popular. It converts gravitational energy into kinetic energy to launch its load. A few factors are crucial to its efficiency. Part of the energy dissipates as heat and sound. The counterweight influences the speed of the projectile on

One of the biggest weapons could send a 140-pound load quickly over 250 feet according to The machine was manually moved and operated by people. A full-scale operation required over 250 people attending to it. It has since become a useful reference point for teachers trying to explain a few energy and motion concepts in physics. The popularity of the weapon saw it make its way into various regions.

According to, Arab merchants introduced it to the Middle East. They upgraded it to handle more weight creating hybrid versions. It also made its way to Europe in the thirteenth century. They modified it to focus on human strength and a fixed weight. This improved its accuracy and load capacity. The blunderbuss version became extremely popular in the rest of Europe. By the end of that period, improved versions of the weapon could handle loads weighing over a ton.

Additionally, attitudes and strategies had significantly shifted. Besides stones and bricks, the load expanded to include full animals and sand barrels. Similarly, live people and dead bodies suffering from infectious diseases we also used as missiles forming the earliest recorded forms of biological welfare.

The fire and reign of the Trabuco started declining with the advent of gunpowder and mechanized missile systems such as the canon. The term Trabuco is used informally in Brazil to refer to high-caliber shotguns. The weapon is recorded as having been employed by the Mongol army to attack the Chinese cities of Fancheng as well as Xiangyang.

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Paul Mampilly: The Trusted Investment Guide

Many people desire an opportunity to invest in stocks. However, many of them have little knowledge regarding the same. These people tend to seek advice from financial experts, but most of the time they end up making astronomical losses leading to many of them shying away from the stock market. Nevertheless, a significant number of Americans have made wealthy from the stock market by following the advice of a few shrewd financial experts such as Paul Mampilly.

Mampilly has demonstrated that he is knowledgeable in matters stocks, and some of his investments speak volumes about his expertise. When Mampilly bought shares in Sarepta Therapeutics in 2012—a pharmaceutical company—he made 2000% profit in the same year by disposing of his shares. Mampilly also invested in Netflix in 2008, and he made a profit when he sold his shares later. Mampilly is passionate about helping ordinary Americans create wealth from stocks. His passion informed his quitting from the Wall Street.

Mampilly is the founder of Profits Unlimited, a magazine designed for individuals wishing to learn how to invest and make money from stocks. Going by the subscriptions, the magazine has appealed to many Americans. Through the magazine, Mampilly dispenses research-backed investment advice. Recently, he encouraged his audience to focus on three areas: precision medicine, electric cars, and food delivery systems designed for millennials. Moreover, Mampilly is often a guest on many television broadcasts such as CNBC because of his invaluable advice regarding the financial market. Mampilly’s efforts to enlighten Americans have appealed to many organizations that have honored him with awards; he is the winner of the prestigious Templeton Foundation investment competition.

Mampilly has amassed over 25 years of experience by working with notable brands in the financial industry. He started out his career by working for Banker’s Trust. Since then, he has worked for many companies including Royal Bank of Scotland, ING, and Deutsche Bank. Also, he worked with Kinetics International Fund as their hedge fund manager. The $6 billion hedge fund company witnessed an exponential growth during Paul’s tenure. Mampilly is an American of Indian descent who loves his family; he explained that one of the reasons he quit Wall Street was to have more time with the family.

Adam Milstein-mogul cum philanthropist

Anyone involved in the real estate industry in has heard the name, Adam Milstein. He is one of the managing partners at Hager Pacific Properties. As a managing partner, he is responsible for keeping the finances in order and making sure all properties are market ready. Adam Milstein made investments in the real estate business, which has flourished and is valued at over 2 billion dollars. His company has built and also manages several projects making it a powerhouse in Israeli real estate.

Mr. Milstein is not only famous for his real estate related achievements but also for his work in philanthropy. He is a generous man and has always had the heart to give something back to the community. The ability to give more and to many has been achieved under the umbrella of the Adam and Gila Milstein Foundation which he founded in partnership with his wife, Gila Milstein. As a foundation, they have managed to give help to the Jewish community and outside the borders.

The Milstein Family Foundation has sponsored students and budding professionals who want to identify with their Jewish background. They have helped people establish a connection with their homeland Israel, and by so doing giving them a sense of pride in their heritage. The foundation also educates them by providing them with the knowledge to serve as advocates for Israel and the Jews.

Mr. Milstein and his organization have worked tirelessly to empower the Jewish community living in America. He is a member of several groups pushing the same agenda especially at a time when hate groups are spreading anti-Semitic talk in college campuses. These groups are the likes of Hasbara fellowship, Israeli-American council which is growing quite rapidly among others. He also co-founded a group that gives Hebrew books every month for free to very many families. He has used his influence and means to set up a podcast and has also written pieces discussing the problems facing the Jewish-American and Israeli-American communities. He invites guests to his show where he tackles current issues affecting the Jewish-American community. Mr. Milstein has received many praises for his endless efforts including being named among the top 100 People Positively Influencing Jewish Life

Working With Securus Technologies to Combat Crime

The call came in late this week as me and my fellow officers were wrapping up a long day that a fugitive was in our city and needed attention immediately. This suspect was recently convicted on charges that were very violent in nature, and he was supposed to be at his hearing when he slipped out of the courtroom and was back on the street. Our fear was he was in town to get even with the family he thought had turned him in.


This suspect was already considered armed and dangerous, and he was without family or friends in this area, so we had very little as far as help to locate him quickly. The only thing we could do was make sure the family was safe and head to the prison to try and get an inmate to help us locate our suspect. These inmates are usually reluctant to come forward with information that would help authorities, that is why we made sure the prison was in fact using the Securus Technologies call monitoring system.


Securus Technologies puts the inmate monitoring systems in the jail that the officers can use to listen to the inmates on the phone. The company has these units in thousands of jails, allowing officers the ability to listen in while inmates are talking to those on the outside. The LBS software can run all day and scan all calls, isolating unique conversations and alerting officers if need be.


Upon our visit, officers told us that there was an inmate talking to his family about keeping someone safe. Without forcing the issue, we sent a team to do surveillance on the house in question and we did in fact see the suspect sneaking in late that night. We arrested him without incident and made the town safer as a result.


Initiatives to Improve Community Banking

On November 10th 2016 in John Holt CEO and President of NexBank Capital,Inc served as a panelist at the Texas Bankers associations 5th Annual Strategic Opportunities conference in New Orleans Louisiana. The discussion topic was Reinventing Community Banking and Perspectives on Competing through Innovation. The Annual Strategic Opportunities and M&A conference is a forum for bank leaders, advisers, and consultants to share their perspectives on the key opportunities and challenges facing the industry. Panelists and participants explore strategic opportunities through M&A activity and organic growth and branching.

NexBank Capital,Inc serves its clients through Commercial Banking, Mortgage Banking, and Institutional services. The bank offers customized financial and banking services. Their services are primarily to institutional clients, financial institutions, and corporations nationwide. The bank comes up with banking products such as Commercial Lending, Commercial Real Estate Lending, Financial Institutions, Credit Services agency services and Treasury Management.

Mortgage Banking is also a department where the bank has been able to come up with amazing products. These include Warehouse Lending which focuses on creating long term relationships with the bank’s partners by providing new and additional warehouse lines to its clients. Wholesale & Correspondent Lending and becoming a customer. The bank offers a wide variety of funding solutions to meet the demands of today’s mortgage professionals. The bank’s Institutional services include Financial Institutions which is designed to provide tailored services to financial institutions. Treasury Management, Public Funds, Investment Banking and Real Estate Advisory.

NexBank has its headquarters in Dallas Texas. It is the 13 largest bank in Texas and the 200th largest bank in the country. It was founded in 1934, and as of March 2017, it had grown to have 86 employees in 4 locations. The bank’s money market rates are twice the national average. Their success can be attributed to the strong leadership of John Holt and their community based projects.

Todd Lubar Shares His Secrets to Success as a Businessman

Todd Lubar is a successful businessman from Maryland. He studied speech communication at Syracuse University, and he later became the President of TDL Global Ventures. After graduating from college, he went to work with Crestar Mortgage Corporation, where he started his amazing career in the financial sector. He went on to work with Legacy Financial Group in Texas. The Maryland office of Legacy Financial Group experienced an unprecedented growth rate while Todd was leading it. After working at Legacy Financial Group, Todd accepted a position as Senior Vice President in Charter Funding, which is a division of Magnus Financial Corps. Todd is experienced in mortgage banking, but owns companies in various industries, ranging from recycling to real estate to the nightclub industry. During a rare interview with Crunchbase, he revealed more about himself and his secrets to success.

Todd ( says he worked in the credit and finance industry for over two decades, but started TDL Global Ventures because he has a passion for helping people who need help and guiding them until they reach their goals. He wanted to come up with a program that finally offered relief to these people.

He says he worked hard in order to get where he is, and it took several years in order to become a successful businessman. However, his business took off after that and kept on gaining momentum. There were times when he felt down, such as when a business deal that he did soured. However, he knew that you can’t get fixated one thing, and he got up the next day and continued as normal. This is why he always advises people to never give up and to always keep up their motivation to continue, because in the end, it will work out no matter how many obstacles you end up overcoming. He says that he faces tough decisions too, such as whether to go on a business trip or stay home and spend time with the family. He says that his secret to success is hard work and always paying extreme attention to details, as well as being on top of what is going on in the company. Visit his website,

Work From Home Success with Traveling Vineyard

While many more work from home jobs exist these days, it still can be difficult to find one that you both enjoy as well as offers earning potential and is actually enjoyable. This is not the case for the Traveling Vineyard, however, offering all of these all in your spare time without leaving your home if you want or on the road. Geared towards the seller’s success, the Traveling Vineyard gets you started with a simple starter Success Kit. This kit comes with enough supplies for two wine samplings, which includes enough wine for both samplings, tasting glasses, a six-bottle wine carrier, product materials as well as your Sommology Kit which serves as training guide.

With an A+ Better Business Bureau rating, you don’t have to worry about Traveling Vineyard being a short term, “fly by night” operation either. In addition to this, the company is a member of the Direct Selling Association, which requires a stringent investigation of the company’s methods and ethics. With a pledge to keep transparency, the company is always happy to talk about it business model, history and plans for growth and the future. A supportive community of Wine Guides is available to discuss best practices, and even meet up at regional events, Harvest, and the incentive trips.

Finally, the quality of the wines themselves is superb. Ranging in cost from $15 to $25, the wines are a great value. These high-end wines are sourced from all around the globe, using the best grapes found and tested by a team of wine experts. Since wine is their passion, the experts pride themselves on ensuring that only the best tasting wines make it to the Traveling Vineyard. With over 25 years of experience behind them, they are only satisfied when they offer award winning wines that they can be proud of.

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Hope for Cancer patients-Oncotarget

Cancer is one of the epidemic diseases which has been affecting the world and not only the affected or infected but also the medicals doctors and scientific researchers. Cancer therapy has been one of the biggest challenges when it comes to research. Medical experts have been doing all they can to come up with the best treatment for cancer patients which will less affect their bodies. The scientific researchers are not only researching but they have also tried to present their research into writing which is available online in most of the media platform.Oncotarget is one of the journals that are written and edited by medical experts for the purpose of assisting the world to understand more about cancer and other conditions affecting the human race. The medical journal was created back in 2010 and it is published by the Impact journal. Ever since its establishment; the journal has been mainly focusing on possible cancer therapy, possible ways to manage cancer, as well as potential targets for rehabilitation.

Nevertheless, the medical journal does not the only emphasis on the treatment but also the management programs, new healing agents, as well as quality and satisfaction of the patients.Oncotarget is responsible for exploring new and old treatment methods for the purpose of improving the outcome of the treatment as it pursues to express their intake and how well it is acceptable to other medical professionals as well as the patients themselves. The journal has been expanding over the years with their authors exploring other types of conditions. The medical journal is headed by medical experts who have a vast knowledge and experience in oncology.

The Chief Editor is Mikhail Blagosklonny and Andrei V. Gudkov who are both professors at Roswell Park Cancer Institute. Oncotarget is open to anyone who can write a journal on a medical condition. The publishing goes through a process before it is posted on social media platforms which include Facebook, Twitter, and the others. The writing through a team of editors before reaching to the Chief Editors who will determine if the article will be published on Dove Press and the rest of the platforms. The authors have an advantage as they can view the whole process before the article is published. Oncotarget is a free journal which is published on a weekly basis.

Whitney Wolfe Has Made It Possible for More People to Embrace Social Media

Whitney Wolfe is going head-to-head with some of the major companies that engage in social media. With Bumble BFF she infringes on the territory of app developers like Mark Zuckerberg of Facebook. She also takes away some of the users that are part of the Snapchat community. Whitney Wolfe is showing that she has the ability to create innovative apps even though she is not a man.

Whitney Wolfe able to totally change the way that people look at social media. She is taking a risk by creating a company that is called Bumble. This is one of the most intriguing companies when it comes to building a completely different landscape for people to meet and build friendships. She has been able to magnify the amount of exposure that is connected to Bumble because she has been connecting with a whole new crowd. For the longest time she was only attracting people that were interested in dating. This was what she did initially with the dating app. As time progressed Bumble would become the company that would also lure people.

Whitney Wolfe is definitely someone that has made it possible for more people to embrace social media through her apps. She has shown the world that she is serious about bringing forth innovation in social media. Everything that she has done so far has been a success, and it appears that she is planning to also bring networking into the picture as well. It is through the Bumble Bizz app that she is planning to actually help more people become familiar with a whole new realm of networking through her social media company. It is definitely a great thing for someone that has never utilized social media sites like LinkedIn. More people have the ability to actually connect with other people if they realize the Bumble app to get things accomplished. Whitney Wolfe is definitely one to watch when it comes to new innovative technology. Whitney Wolfe is cracking the code in the social media world, and women are quite impressed with the effort that she has made.

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