Conditioning Experience with WEN by Chaz Dean

Women are exposed to plentiful hair conditioning advertisements every day which makes choosing the best conditioner for quality hair cleansing difficult. An emerging conditioner called WEN by Chaz Dean [] has risen recently and captivated curiosity. Bustle featured an article that detailed the experience a woman named Emily McClure had while using a WEN conditioner for seven days. She tested to see if boasted rumors of WEN’s outstanding effects were indeed true. During her investigation she only used one of the available, formulated conditioners.
McClure chose to use the Amazon best selling Sweet Almond Mint formula which brags to benefit any type and texture of hair. Hair should respond with moisturized, shiny, and bouncy results. There are two other types of formulas by WEN that provide unique benefits. Pomegranate is designed to nourish and strengthen hair for instance. The Sweet Almond Mint conditioner is the only formula promoting unrestricted hair variety application. WEN conditioners were fabricated to provide quality hair treatment regardless of the formula chosen.

The first product trait McClure noticed was that the bottle directions instructed her to pump a larger amount of conditioner than she typically did with other conditioners. She expressed her hair felt clean, soft and did what the bottle marketed. Her hair looked and felt impressive after every shower. During the shower she was happy to observe her hair did not shed nearly as much. Hair styles like curling would flatten faster than normal because of the softness of the hair strands. The next morning would bring abnormally greasy and frizzy hair that was inconvenient when showering the night prior. Using styling products fostered even oilier hair the next day. She overall felt Wen is a great conditioner if showers are taken daily and during the morning since skipped days or evening showers ended with undesired hair. For more info check out the Wen YouTube channel.


The Midas Legacy: The Path For Those Who Want To Be Happier, Healthier And Wealthier

The Midas Legacy is a company which offers research services and wealth management advisory, effectively becoming a shortcut to a successful life. It brings a decade long trajectory of assisting thousands of people achieve their life goals and dreams.

Headquartered in Winter Garden, Florida, The Midas Legacy serves investors looking for a better management of their money; entrepreneurs who would like to improve their daily life situation; anyone who wishes to be happier, a better person and obtain inner peace; anyone interested in healing their illnesses though nature; and workers who want to retire as fast and as soon as possible.

With a mission which begins on the very first day, The Midas Legacy, guides its clients toward the life they seek. To aid in this journey they provide a team of experts whose combine expertise exists to assist you. Jim Samson is a business expert with decades of experience; successful in trading, entrepreneurship, and real estate. Sean Bower is a journalist and expert in finances and self help. Mark Edwards is a health expert who spreads knowledge of natural cures and provides uncensored truth about food and health practices major corporations are interested in keeping hidden. Along with these experts, it also offers The Midas Code book, at no cost, which each client receives upon becoming a member.

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The Midas Legacy’s Role in Your Wealth Management

Turning the millennial mindset into easy income

In a nutshell, the company provide resources, with proven results, to its members. Many of these are founded in the fields of the self, natural health, entrepreneurship, finances, real estate and retirement.

Along with their commitment to helping its members, The Midas Legacy, gives back to the community by proudly providing regular donations to charities such as: Florida Sheriffs Association, a non-profit professional association of FloridaÕs 67 elected Sheriffs, which enhances the enforcement of the law through educational and charitable purposes; Give Hope Foundation, an organization which provides support to children and families battling cancer; St. Jude Children’s Research Hospital, a pediatric treatment and research facility with a focus on children afflicted by catastrophic diseases; Wounded Warrior Project, a veterans service organization which provides diverse programs and services to wounded military veterans; Salvation Army, an international charitable organization of the Christian church; and American Society for the Prevention of Cruelty to Animals, a non-profit organization which works to prevent cruelty to animals.

For all looking to create a better life, as well as achieve dreams, and have the spirit, the drive, and courage to do so, The Midas Legacy we will be there every step of the way.

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The History And Rise Of IAP Worldwide Service

IAP Worldwide Services (IAPWS) is an American company that provides its clients with facility management, logistics, technical and advanced professional services. The company’s customers are mainly the government of the United States and other high-end commercial firms located both in the United States and across the globe.

The company is also known to provide temporary and permanent power services and solutions to its worldwide clients. Customers can also get renewable energy services, power plant operations, and management services from IAP Worldwide Services. The company has offices in Europe, the U.S., and the Middle East. The headquarters of IAP are located in Cape Canaveral, Florida.

The company’s history dates back to 1953 when Pan Am World Services was founded. The company played a significant role during the space race age by building and managing the first ever space launch complex base in the United States. NASA used the complex to perform several launch tests in its space aircraft. In total, there have been more that 2,500 launches at the facility. Read more: IAP Worldwide Services | LinkedIn

These launches included rocket, air-breathing missile and manned shuttle launches. This information was originally reported on IAP Worldwide Services website as found in the following link
For 45 years, the company focused on offering services to NASA until 1990 when Johnson Controls acquired the company. The acquisition saw the company diversify its services to include, management, maintenance and operations of commercial facilities and military bases.

The company’s name was consequently changed to Johnson Controls Worldwide Services (JCWS) in order to match the new owner’s name. The 90s saw the company invest in energy efficiency and automation research. The success of the investment saw it offer lighting, fire, environment control and security systems automation services to its fast-growing client base.

The founding of IAP Worldwide Services in 2004 in Irmo, SC spelled a new direction for JCWS. IAP was founded to supply generators to the US military bases in Saudi Arabia. As the Operation Desert Storm continued, IAP increased the services it offered to the army to include troop support.

This saw the firm increase its revenues and generating enough money to acquire JCWS. The 2005 acquisition led to the establishment of IAP Worldwide Services, a company that exists up to date.

IAPWS has continuously increased the number of the services that it offers through innovation and acquisition of other firms. One of its notable acquisitions was in 2015 when it acquired two business units from DRS Technologies. The units, Aviation and Logistics and Tactical Communication & Network Solutions Solution, were merged with IAPWS’ National Security Unit. Learn more about IAP Worldwide Services: and

The acquired units increased the services offered by IAP not only to the government, but also to other clients. This information was originally mentioned on PRNewswire as found in this link

How Does Review Wen By Chaz On Thin Hair? actually sent a real reporter with thin hair out into the field to review the WEN Hair by Chaz shampoo. She was given the task of taking care of the review to make sure that it was going to be that much easier to use the shampoo after the fact. She has very thin blonde hair that was just one thing that she had to deal with when washing her hair. She wanted Wen by Chaz to work just as much as anything, and she was able to take pictures of the washing process for everyone to see.

The process was begun when she showed the difference between Wen hair by Chaz and other shampoos she had used in the past. That meant that she was going to use a lot less of the product than she would have otherwise. She is technically saving money by using this Sephora endorsed product, and then she got on with washing her hair so that she could show how it works. That was perfect for her because it lathered up, and then she washed her hair to show how it worked. She got her hair completely clean, and then she moved on to drying the hair and doing what she would normally do to it.

The best part of this is that she can start using this as much as she wants. She is the kind of person who had to avoid brushing and other things in the past, but she does not have to do that now. It has been something that has completely changed lives, and it is a product that anyone can use without even a problem. They need to buy this from Amazon because they will finally be able to get past the thin hair that has been falling everywhere for such a long time. Visit the website:


Contribution and Achievements of Don Ressler in the Establishment and Runnig of JustFab

The successes and trials made by Don Ressler cannot be overlooked while highlighting key professionals who have contributed to the business world. Don Ressler is a renowned entrepreneur with Adam Goldenberg, who has founded and headed several businesses. He is the brain behind the creation of JustFab online fashion retail. Don Ressler has been in the business world for more than ten years and his experience has been vital in managing JustFab. He began in 2001 with FitnessHeaven, which he sold to Intermix Media before moving to his next project, Alena Media.

Don Ressler co-founded Alena Media with Adam Goldenberg and they run the company until its acquisition by News Corp in 2005. Don Ressler has also co-founded Intelligent Beauty, where he also works as a Co-Chief Executive. While at Intermix Media, Don Ressler And Adam Goldenberg has spearheaded the development of core ventures that have raised shareholder value.

In 2010, Don Ressler together with Adam Goldenberg founded JustFab, a subscription fashion retailer that stocks selections in jewelry, shoes and denim. The online store is designed to offer a personalized shopping experience to members. Members pay a monthly subscription fee of $39.95, which is conferred immediately after making purchase. During the registration process, you are asked to fill a survey, which includes fashion preferences. JustFab will use this information to send a selected list of items to members at the beginning of every month. By the end of 2011, JustFab had 4 million members, and the number had increased to 10 million by January, 2013.

Growth and acquisitions
JustFab, in the hands of Don Ressler and Adam Goldenberg, has grown and acquired several businesses. To expand their market coverage, the company received a $76 million loan from Matrix Ventures in 2012. This money was used to broaden the network of the company to cover Canada, the UK and Germany. In 2013, the company bought FabKids, which would operate separately, but under the same managing team. Several celebrities, including Avril Lavigne, have made collections through JustFab.

The company also boasts of a television show, which was premiered in 2013. The show, which highlights the activities and achievements of JustFab, was first aired on the Style Network. JustFab has extended its network to more than five countries and is still opening more franchise businesses. All these achievements have been possible in the hands of Don Ressler, who has been in the company since its inception in 2010. Source:

Bernardo Chua Introduces New Rewards Program to Benefit Both Distributors and Customers

Bernardo Chua is founder and CEO of Organo Gold, one of the largest direct sales companies in the world. In eight short years, Organo Gold places 55th among direct sales companies and has distributors in 35 countries. This year, Bernardo added a new rewards program to benefit both the distributors and the customers.

Organo Gold is the second company that Bernardo has founded; the first was Gano Excel, which he later closed and opened as Organo Gold in 2008 in British Columbia. Both companies featured the Ganoderma Lucido, which is an ancient super mushroom from Chinese medicine. Bernardo grew up using the Ganoderma in the Philippines, so he knows of the abundance of nutrients and antioxidants that it has. His mother brought the Ganoderma into Bernardo’s family from China, and Bernardo made it his mission to introduce the Ganoderma to the world.

He wanted to make the super mushroom a household name, so he infused dark roasted Columbian coffee and herbal teas with a high-quality Ganoderma from the Asian mountains. The result was delicious hot beverages that could be brewed and sipped throughout the day to obtain the super benefits. The idea is the main product in Organo Gold, and today, there are over one million distributors in the company.

Organo Gold also carries a variety of superior natural skin products and Ganoderma in capsule form. The products are top-of-the-line, the preferred customer rewards program makes them even more accessible.

To become a member, the customer must join the monthly auto-ship program, and then they will receive a 25 percent discount on all orders placed during that month. The savings are for both customers and distributors who will experience an increase in sales.

In addition, the new rewards program will offer customers exclusive rights to specials and promotions that Organo Gold has to offer on its products, which the average customer is not able to access. It also offers promotional products to registered members only, along with support systems, a service department, and a preferred customer hotline that provides assistance and exceptional services. Customers who would like to register can go to online.  Be sure to follow Bernardo personally on Facebook, and read more on the story at BitsyLink.

Mike Baur Supports New Start-Ups

Mike Baur has more than 20 years of experience in private banking, and has turned his attention to business acceleration. He is a founding partner of the Swiss Start-Up Factory, which runs a three month long accelerator program. This program tries to teach new digital entrepreneurs the entrepreneurship mentality that is necessary for success through a system of mentoring/coaching, office space in Zurich, and an entrepreneurial network. The Swiss Start-Up Factory also offers fundraising and financing rounds.

The Swiss Start-Up Factory has announced partnerships with CTI Invest, a financial platform for Swiss start-ups, and Fintech Accelerator Fusion, a Geneva based accelerator company. Mike Baur of The Swiss Start-Up Factory has been appointed Deputy Managing Director of CTI Invest, and Jean-Pierre Vuilleumier has been appointed Managing Partner of the Swiss Start-Up Factory, as of 1/1/2016. Co-organized events will include Swiss Startup Day and Swiss Startup Training, to begin in the spring of 2016. Swiss Venture Day will be continued, with simultaneous tracks for IT and Life Sciences in Zurich and Lausanne. A Life Sciences Day will possibly be added in Basel, and additional Swiss Venture Days in St. Gallen and Ticino. Best practices workshops, pitching battle, panels, keynotes, investors, supporters, and elevator pitches are all planned events.
The two accelerator companies will collaborate on pre-selection process, acceleration, cooperation with universities, mentor networking, joint events, and shared office space. This cooperation will allow a bridge between the French and Swiss German parts of Switzerland. The Swiss Start-Up Factory was founded in 2014 and Fintech Fusion in 2015, while CTI Invest has been in business for ten years.

On Mindcast, a podcast for Swiss start-ups, Mike Baur announced his “ten ultimate tips for startups” in the Swiss business system. The start-up team is the most important step; he says you need a wide variety of experiences and backgrounds on your team. His second tip is about “running the extra mile,” which means you have to be totally committed to your idea and ready for all circumstances which may arise, not only for the founders, but also for the founders’ families. He says founders of businesses must learn to deal with investors, who can sometimes be very slippery. Tip number six is that contracts must be written by professionals.

Beneful: Good For Your Dog!

If you’ve watched some Youtube videos, you’ve certainly seen your fair share of commercials for Purina’s own Beneful. While the most common type of dog food one sees advertised in Beneful’s dry dog food, there are a variety of products that the company offers in addition to their renowned dry dog food! Let’s take a look at some of the many products in the Beneful dog food line.
Dry Dog Food: This is the best known, and best loved, food in their lineup. With a 94% approval rating on among its users, there’s no question that dogs — and their human parents — love this meat and vegetable blend!

Wet Dog Food: While this food isn’t as well known as its dry food counterpart, it’s still highly acclaimed by pets and pet parents alike. Like its dry food counterpart, it has a 94% approval rating, and comes in a variety of flavors like chicken, beef, and salmon. Unlike its competition, Beneful is made from real meats — in other words, Fido will be eating real beef, chicken, and salmon — and vegetables! See,

Dog Treats: Finally, but certainly no less importantly, Beneful offers a wide variety of treats for those times that you want to reward Poochie for good behavior…or for a job well done! Like the wet food and the dry food, Beneful’s treats line offers a wide variety of yummy flavors for your four-legged fur-child! Amongst the many flavors include, but certainly aren’t limited to, the following: peanut butter and beef.See,

All these products can be purchased on the nearest Wal-mart grocery store.

Turn Public Nightmares to Public Dreams

A scandal can be a public relations nightmare, and it turns out that no one in the world is immune from it. But there are ways to survive the whirlwinds they produce and come out intact.


One of the most important things, cited by the Austin Monthly, is to have a plan before it ever happens. Just because you or your business has not had a scandal yet, does not mean that it is beyond the realm of possibility, and forward thinking on the matter is going to be able to save you quicker than re-activity.


When it does happen, PR firms say, acknowledge it as soon as possible and get your story out there. A slow information leak can do as much damage as the scandal on it’s own. Apologize as soon as possible if it is required for the situation, show how you are fixing the issue. Know how it happened, and take steps to ensure it does not happen twice. And as soon as good etiquette permits, work on something better and more uplifting for people to focus on instead.


If you cannot do it alone, there are businesses that exist solely to handle your relationship with the public. One of them is Status Labs, who’s own president Darius Fisher has gone through all the drama himself. Mister Fisher knows what it is like to be in the center of this, and his company is one of the leaders in this particular avenue of life.


From managing your online reputation and your public relations, to helping you through the crisis itself, Status Labs tailors their experience to the needs of each individual customer, so they can ensure you have exactly what you need. After all, no one has exactly the same experience, therefor no one needs exactly the same care.


Over a thousand clients in more than thirty countries all use Status Labs, which puts it on a glowing recommendation. Some of those brands are Fortune 500 companies.
They also optimize you or your company for search engines, help you market on social media, and financial transactions.

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Thor Halvorssen The Liberator

Thor Halvorssen- the name emits a powerful aura akin to the god- yet he doesn’t have to be a god to powerfully fight for the human rights he believes in. His fight is modern, in the form of an organization in which he reigns president of, Human Rights Foundation (HRF); but human rights have been a source of conflict for centuries and centuries. They are an age old battle; a battle in which his father, his mother, and his grandfather have fought and sacrificed for.

They have fought and still fight for individual liberty and now, so does he. Thor, like his family, has been physically beaten in the name of his cause; freedom and liberty for all. He disputes against any authoritarian who oppresses, especially criticizing left-wing Latin American dictatorships; but Thor claims he is not politically affiliated. He opposes any dictatorships; left-wing, right-wing, down-wing, up-wing… You get the point.

He and his staff of 11 travel the world exhuming otherwise globally unknown dictatorships and relinquishing a voice to political prisoners and dissidents.

Thor Halvorssen is president and founder of the New York based HRF. He was born half-Norwegian and half-Venezuelan to his father, a diplomat and mother, a child psychologist. He began his political career in 1989 as an advocate for human rights in London, battling the South African Apartheid and from there launched a career that lead him to become founder of the Olso Freedom Forum, patron of the Prague-based children’s peace movement On Own Feet and most widely known, a film producer.

According to The Weekly Standard, his father was a political prisoner in Venezuela in 1993 and only released after human rights organizations battled for his release. His mother was shot by Venezuelan police during a peaceful public gathering. And finally, his first cousin became a political prisoner in 2014. Suffice to say the list of atrocities against his family has propelled him to become who he is today, who his parents showed him to be; a fighter for those that would be oppressed.

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