Lip Balm Can Change The World

When visiting any health and beauty department, customers can find a variety of lip balm options. Many choose based on a long standing preference. The problem was that many of the products were quite the same, from packaging to ingredients, and even flavor or scent options. Suddenly EOS lip balms entered the scene, quickly upended the market, and changed everyone’s expectations.

Short for Evolution of Smooth, EOS provides a fun but also practical line of lip balms. They use the natural and organic ingredients that everyone is looking for these days. They have created brightly colored, sphere shaped packaging that is unique, yet very usable. The flavor/scent profiles are exciting and unique. The pricing provides luxury and style at a competitive rate. Another great benefit is that EOS products are easy to find as they have been picked up by stores everywhere. As the company grows, they are offering more everyday products, such as shave creams and lotions, in a new way.

EOS lip balms were designed to appeal to millenial women and they have succeeded. This is quite an accomplishment considering the long-standing and well known competitors they have gone up against. To those interested in learning more about how this victory was won, check out this interesting and informative article:

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Nathaniel Ru And Health Benefits

People need health in order to function. Unfortunately, fast food is actually resulting in a lot of health problems that come from a lack of nutrients. For one thing, people are experiencing impaired function due either to a lack of nutrients, or some insufficiency in their diet. Therefore, it is important for people to watch what they eat. For one thing, the issues that result from a lack of nutrients go beyond weight gain. There are issues with focus among other things. People who do not eat right find it hard to get the task done.


Nathaniel Ru has seen a lot of health problems in his community. However, he also understands that people could improve their lives if they take the time to eat healthy. He himself was very passionate about finding a healthy restaurant to eat at with his friends. However, he has seen that it is hard to find some fast food joints or other restaurants that offer truly healthy food. This is one of the inspirations behind his company, Sweetgreen. He has decided to sell some salads as well as other products that are very healthy. For one thing, he wanted people to see that there are alternatives to processed and fried foods.


While Sweetgreen sells mostly salads, Nathaniel Ru has seen the effects that protein has on people. Therefore, he makes sure that people have protein to go along with their meals. This helps them recover better as well as focus. Nathaniel is someone who is not only thinking about providing healthy meals to his customers, but also coming up with some new recipes that taste great. For one thing, this is one of the most important aspects of business. Always offering something new is one way to attain and maintain success for businesses.


People that eat at Sweetgreen experience greater energy and other benefits to their health that encourages them to go back for more. This is why Sweetgreen is not only expanding to different territories, but is also gaining a lot of recognition for the health benefits that it offers customers who eat at the restaurant.


What’s In Your Water?

What is in your drinking water? Is it natural alkaline or artificial? Does it add additional electrolytes and ionizers, or is it naturally fortified with additional nutrients and natural electrolytes? Aqua Grade has it that Waiakea water flows through a natural occurring unique filtration system through the Mauna Loa volcano giving it additional benefits compared to regular bottled water.

The spring flows through 14,000 feet of volcanic rock and is enhanced by the rains that pour almost 365 days per year. This allows for more total dissolved solids and electrolytes to be collected, such as calcium and magnesium, silica, sodium, potassium and iron.

This gives the water a Ph level of 8.8, and is what gives the water a natural, alkaline Ph and hint of sweet silky smooth flavoring. It has also been medically proven to relieve symptoms of acid reflux by neutralizing stomach acid, which helps eliminate toxins in the body.

The alkalinity in it water provides the recommended daily value of 30mg of silica, which has shown to reduce cognitive decline and the risk of Alzheimer’s by 11%. Tap water and other bottled water brands are artificially processed, so unnatural ionizers and sodium bicarbonate has to be added to create artificial alkalinity.

Consumers love the taste of this water because it has a unique lustrous flavor and can be paired with any type of food. This is due to the mineral content, especially the silica, as well as Ph level, and to the virginality of the spring, which means its location is protected from its surroundings. Learn more about Waiakea water:

Nitrates, from organisms, waste, soil and pollutants can contaminate water sources. The EPA regulates the addition of nitrates to 10mg/liter to protect consumer health. This water’s superior virginality nitrate rating is .59 mg/liter. This is due to the unique volcanic filtration as well as the age of the water before it is procured. The Waiakea spring is young and only takes approximately 30 days to be derived and therefore doesn’t allow much time for contamination.

According to Noob Prenuer, Waiakea  water is special because of the taste and health benefits from the minerality and orientation, its virginality and purity, as well as the vintage of the product. It also has partnered with Pump Aid, which is a charity created to help provide disadvantaged citizens of rural Africa community implementation strategies for access to clean water supplies. By purchasing this water, you are contributing to this valiant effort.

Who is Norka Luque and What is She Famous for?

Norka Luque is a famous Latin singer with a great personality. She is currently working with some of the great Latin acts such as Emilio Estefan. Her hits are globally-inspired and she seeks to appeal to a mixed range of audiences rather than strictly Latin ones. Her support began with the unconditional support of her parents, which was designed to ensure that she was able to succeed in and pursue her goals.


She inspires us to pursue our dreams with her very sweet messages which combine cultures. That is what she was looking to accomplish with her many hit songs: to be a message of positive thought in this incredibly negative world. With her successes in music, she has received unconditional support from her family. She seeks to lift up individuals experiencing crises, and inspire them through her works of music.


She studied Culinary Arts and Business Administration in France, and in the same country had the dream and opportunity of being a part of a band while studying. Following her graduation, she arrived in the US in order to pursue her goals of taking singing and culinary classes. The dream of being a singer was kept alive by Emilio Estefan, Jr upon her arrival in Miami where she is currently residing. She continues to work with some of the great Latin acts in the Miami area in order to develop her talent.


Norka’s current hits mix sounds from the Caribbean, Latin America, and the Mediterranean. This mix of cultures has defined her musical career and is arguably one of the items which has set her apart from the rest of the musicians.


Positive lyrics and messaging transport her songs beyond the emotions of their listeners. Thus, it is designed to create a response which will ensure your happiness whenever you are looking for a new musical experience. The songs also allow listeners to visualize more out of life and value the attributes and assets which life has.


Norka also believes that her music is her destiny. She knows that she is supposed to accomplish great things with her musical career. Her music has been quite the project for her, which has been through the assistance of Emilio Estefan. Her songs also feature a dance beat which is able to get people off of their feet and moving around. Her goal has also been to create song as a new discipline and way of life.

Millennials Vote for EOS

The lip balm industry is an extremely over saturated and competitive industry. Observers often label startups that enter the industry as crazy and doomed to fail. This was not the case for EOS lip balm. Chapstick had long ruled the industry and left consumers with only a handful of generic flavors to try. This was the standard until EOS came along and was being spotted at all major department stores and pharmacies. With new hip flavors like honey dew and grapefruit, this was something much different than the status quo. Couple this with celebrities like Kim Kardashian being seen publicly using the balm, the start up was destined to shake things up.

EOS is an acronym for Evolution of Smooth. It has become a company worth $250 million and is only outpaced in the oral care industry by Burt’s Bees. Its success lies in the fact that it has expanded the market which according to Kline Research will increase to $2 billion by 2020.

In an interview by Fast Company, the success of EOS can also be attributed to the fact that it uses only natural and organic products in making its lip balm. This is revolutionary in an industry that is know only for trying to cut costs and using the the cheapest ingredients. EOS also banked on market research that women overwhelmingly used lip balm in beauty regimens when most lip balm products are unisex. Thus the company focuses mainly on the marketing to women.

The company then got a break when a female buyer at Walgreens was a fan of using the product. This was their first contract and other major retailers like ULTA followed suit. EOS then went on to sponsor music tours for Demi Lovato and kept a large social media presence. These are some of the factors that allowed them to totally dominate the millenial demographic.

EOS is committed to future innovation in the lip balm industry. By its innovative design, celebrity endorsement, and being the lip balm of millenials, the company is here to stay.


FreedomPop Has Fantastic Services That Require No Contract

Fortunately, things have changed so much with cell phone companies that it’s no longer necessary to get approved before a customer can get cell phone service. If things were the same as they were 10 years ago, many people couldn’t possibly own a cell phone, much more have cell phone service, even if it was on a cheap phone. Cell phones have become so affordable that most people will own a smartphone, and some people own several smartphones. FreedomPop is a company that believes in helping anyone to obtain cell phone service, which is why they offer free cell phone service to their customers. Learn more from this review

Instead of having to go through several hoops, such as having a credit check, signing a contract and paying high fees to get cell phone service, a FreedomPop customer only needs to sign up for the service online with their email as well as paying for their monthly service fee. Since the monthly fee for the service is low in cost, many have no problem paying for the FreedomPop cell phone service. Those who get the free cell phone service won’t have a monthly bill, especially if they don’t automatically top up their data once it’s nearing its depletion.

Anyone who doesn’t want the free phone service can get the paid service, which costs around $10 and is a great deal with some extras. Anyone looking for unlimited service from FreedomPop can get it for the low cost of only $19.99, and other unlimited plans are available with additional 4G LTE data for only five dollars more for each additional gigabyte. Everyone who has the unlimited service will also be able to enjoy constant and unlimited 3G data, whether they have a CDMA phone or a GSM phone.

FreedomPop proudly offers GSM phone users the ability to come over to their service, and the GSM service is now provided by AT&T and T-Mobile through the use of their towers. FreedomPop can still offer the same low prices to a GSM phone user that must use a sim card in their phone as a CDMA phone user that uses a Sprint phone. FreedomPop also allows its users to bring their own cell phone, which is something that many people appreciate, especially if they don’t want to pay additional monies to buy a new phone when they join FreedomPop. Those looking for a service change should choose the FreedomPop company.

Steve Murray Passes on

Stephen Murray, popularly known as Steve was born on August 2, in the year 1962. He was a private equity investor and also a well- known philanthropist. He died last year at the age of 52. At the time of his death, Steve Murray was the president of CCMP Capital, a private organization that specializes on buyout and also growth equity transactions.

Steve Murray managed to get this top position in CCMP Capital because of several reasons. First of all, he is very educated, and he was also one of the founding partners of the company. This means that he had all the knowledge of the institutions operations. Since CCMP Capital was started several years ago, it has managed to become one of the best private held companies in the United States, and everyone highly appreciated the contributions of Steve.

He went to some of the best schools to acquire his education. He graduated with a degree in economics from an institution known as Boston College in the year 1984, and after this, he decided to further his education. In the year 1989, the hedge fund manager managed to get a master’s degree, this time in Business administration from a school known as the Columbia Business School.

Read more: 5 Questions with Stephen Murray, CEO of CCMP Capital

After completing his first degree in the year 1984, Steve Murray got his first employment. Murray becomes a part of the credit analysts training program in a company known as Manufacturers Hanover Corporation. In the year 1989, Steve moved to a different organization, becoming a part of MH Equity Corporation. This new company had combined his former employers with a leveraged finance unit.

After some time, Manufacturers Hanover’s was bought by a different company on, known as Chemical Bank in the year 1991. MH Equity has made some changes, merging with Chemical Venture Partners. At the end of it all, these changes led to the formation of a partnership that ended up becoming CCMP Capital.

In the year 2007, Steve Murray took over the leadership of the successful institution, and under his leadership, CCMP Capital made a lot of progress, making huge amounts of profits as usual. Apart from working at CCMP Capital, Steve was also part of the board of directors for different companies in the United States. Some of this includes Aramark, AMC Entertainment among several others.

Steve was also an active philanthropist in the country. In his life, he managed to support a foundation known as Make a Wish Foundation that is located in New York City. He also supported his former school, Boston College among others.

Town Residential Dreams Big

Manhattan is known for its trendy and posh real estate market. The now famous Meatpacking district is no different, housing high end boutiques and modern luxurious apartments. Town Residential can now be counted among those taste making tenants, after they opened a new office in the fashionable neighborhood. This is the luxury real estate companies tenth office location in three years.


The new office, located on west 14th street near a main entrance to the popular High Line park, is 7,100 square feet with high ceilings and a 15 year lease. Town Residential, founded six years ago by Andrew Heiberger, hopes the new location will draw a new, high spending customer base. Heiberger has been proven to have his thumb on the pulse of contemporary real estate clientele. The modern design and the popular location should set them apart and help them appeal to brokers in the area. The building is managed by Town Residential’s parent investor, Thor Equities.


The company focuses equally on sales, new developments, and rentals, and caters to a variety of upscale clients. Their expertise in the cities diverse neighborhoods has pushed them to the forefront of young real estate businesses, and their professional intuition and acumen are poised to keep them on top. They claim customer service and satisfaction as their number one priorities, and use that to maintain their expanding clientele. It’s been named one of the Top 50 Places to Work in New York City by Crain. Their primary concentration is residential properties, which tend to be on the higher end of a pricey New York real estate market. They are staffed by a professional team of high achievers and industry leaders, who lend expertise and class to the lauded office.


The Meatpacking office is poised to lead the industry in Manhattan luxury residences, in an increasingly posh neighborhood with high visibility. The rent of their new space has been kept confidential, but prices in the area tend to surpass $90 per square foot, as property in the area grows in desirability. With the aid from Thor, Town Residential, while still a young company, is poised to remain a premier agency for several years to come.


The Best in LED Lighting

Perhaps, you are thinking about updating your home or creating a different type of ambiance in the home. Well, LED lighting is very trendy and the perfect way to create a warm and welcoming atmosphere in every room in the house. Gooee LED Lighting will supply you with the highest quality LED lighting that is manufactured today. Gooee’s LED lighting is perfect for a formal social affair to a casual night at home. Still, many people have questions about LED lighting. Let’s delve into those questions here.

What Is LED Lighting
LED stands for Light Emitting Diode. The LED lights are much more energy efficient than the former incandescent lights. Energy efficient lights are much easier on your energy bill. Some report saving hundreds of dollars per year on their energy bill, simply because they switched to LED lights. Another great advantage is that the LED lights have a much longer life span than the incandescent lights. Some of the lights might last up to several years. Of course, they cost a bit more than incandescent bulbs, but this adds up to savings in the long run.

Is It Right For You
Gooee’s LED lights are perfect for the consumer that would like to save money on their electric bill or energy bill. Start by removing all remaining incandescent bulbs in the light fixtures in the home. Replace the incandescent bulbs with LED bulbs. Certainly, the next energy bill will show a substantial reduction in energy use and energy cost, due to switching to LED lights.

More Businesses Seek To Push Down Negative Press In Search Engine Results

Never before has it been more important for businesses to manage their online images and reputation. Search engine results, digital impressions, and press related to their companies can play a large role in determining whether or not a customer will choose to do spend money with their firm. In today’s world many are seeking the help of companies who assist in the management of their client’s online reputations and whose job it is to bury bad news.

When consumers do their research, the majority will use the internet as their primary tool for doing so. As such, it is very important that the information found be helpful, but that it also shows the company in a good light. It has been found that when looking for reviews, a buyer is 22% less likely to purchase with a particular outfit if they should encounter one negative article. Increase that number to three negative pieces of press and the chances of that same person buying will decrease by almost 60%. If they see 4 or more disparaging reviews or other media, the client has a 70% chance of turning away.

Newcomer, Bury Bad Articles, is an online reputation management firm who sees to it that bad press is buried in a client’s search engine results. This is done in a variety of ways. Bury Bad Articles will monitor third-party websites that may contain spilled intelligence or a nasty diatribe from a terminated employee, burying that information. In addition, Bury Bad Articles will find and render ineffective any unfavorable reviews left about your company online.

The firm will professionally clean up online social media reputations, obscuring less-than-stellar comments, photos, and posts on platforms like Facebook and Twitter. Because SEO is now integral to advancement, Bury Bad Articles will see to it that search engine rankings are higher. Additionally, the firm will see to it that their client’s position remains high.

Although a newer firm, Bury Bad Articles, is quickly rising in popularity among professionals and businesses as their go-to solution for their online digital reputation management needs. Bury Bad Articles is fast becoming known for providing excellent customer service as well as for offering a 100% money-back guarantee if they should fail to deliver on promised results. Because the success of a business so often can be determined by their perceived trustworthiness on the internet, more and more businesses are turning to firms offering new and innovative ways to manage their online images and reputations.